Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend recap snow days

Thursday we had a big snow storm! 

The commute to work was much longer than normal. The roads were so bad! 

Little K loved walking through all the snow. 

So we made him shovel the sidewalk. Ha!

By Friday the roads were clear and the snow was already melting from milder temps. 

We had a fun weekend. My weekend started Friday night with these girls 

We went for dinner and caught up with eachother. It's been a while since we all got together minus the kiddies. 

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to Christmas shopping and fun with little k. 

We went to a outdoor oulet mall. A little chilly for that tho! We shopped a bit. And really enjoyed the Christmassy feel with all the lights and decorated trees! 

We then went to enjoy a Christmas lights show! 

All that shopping and driving got us hungry. 
Yum pizza!!! 

It was a fun day about an hour away from home. We stopped for chocolate treats for the car ride home from Hershey's Factory. Yum!! 

We got home late and we all crashed! 

This morning we were out early to continue the Christmas shopping. First stop breakfast at a nearby restaurant then a park for fun before getting to any stores.

A winter wonderland.

I love waiting last minute to shop for gifts.  So this year is no different. I'll be shopping and wrapping till Christmas Eve! Little K is so much more excited this year. He can't wait for Santas gifts! 

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