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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend recap snow days

Thursday we had a big snow storm! 

The commute to work was much longer than normal. The roads were so bad! 

Little K loved walking through all the snow. 

So we made him shovel the sidewalk. Ha!

By Friday the roads were clear and the snow was already melting from milder temps. 

We had a fun weekend. My weekend started Friday night with these girls 

We went for dinner and caught up with eachother. It's been a while since we all got together minus the kiddies. 

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to Christmas shopping and fun with little k. 

We went to a outdoor oulet mall. A little chilly for that tho! We shopped a bit. And really enjoyed the Christmassy feel with all the lights and decorated trees! 

We then went to enjoy a Christmas lights show! 

All that shopping and driving got us hungry. 
Yum pizza!!! 

It was a fun day about an hour away from home. We stopped for chocolate treats for the car ride home from Hershey's Factory. Yum!! 

We got home late and we all crashed! 

This morning we were out early to continue the Christmas shopping. First stop breakfast at a nearby restaurant then a park for fun before getting to any stores.

A winter wonderland.

I love waiting last minute to shop for gifts.  So this year is no different. I'll be shopping and wrapping till Christmas Eve! Little K is so much more excited this year. He can't wait for Santas gifts! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just a little snow for fall

Our first snow fall! Ok it’s not even winter yet, and yesterday was a crazy evening driving home in rush hour as the snow came down. Oh and the freezing temperature making the roads icy and horrible to drive in.


I really shouldn’t complain, I mean, we had a great Fall and from -18 to +9 tomorrow we all can agree that mother nature is a bit confused ha!


I’m soo glad I bought these Sorel boots. Walking from my parking spot to and from work was a piece of cake yesterday evening and this morning.


Oh and my leather gloves with the iphone tips. Perfect.



Yesterday I left work just as the snow began.  I spent 3 hours in the car. Picking up little K from daycare and heading home. We stopped along the way to pick up hot chocolate for me and a grilled cheese for little K. That made sitting in traffic on the hwy a bit better. Little K was asking to go to the bathroom while we were in traffic eek. I told him to hold it. and he did! haha. He was in his pull ups and I was surprised that he held it till we got home! We are in the car a lot! So potty training and car rides… this will be a new challenge for us. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below!


Yesterday was just the first snow fall and it wasn’t THAT bad. We have worse to come. I’m also sending my prayers to all those in Buffalo that got hit really bad. Stay safe and warm. Lets pray our winter takes it easy this year.  


I’m trying to be as ready for winter as we can be.


Are you winter ready?

***house update. Stucco is done! 

Happy Thursday! Weekend is around the corner! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend with Friends and Family over Eggs, Steaks and Baleadas

We had a great weekend with family and friends.


Saturday morning I went out for breakfast with a friend and brought little K along. We went to Milestones in the mall. I’ve never been there for breakfast. It was really nice and  the portions were HUGE . Little K’s kids menu of Bacon and Eggs was really the size for adults.


Breakfast with the ladies. 

I spent the rest of the day with my little man, shopping and gathering last minute things for our trip.


New sun hats!



Saturday night we went out for dinner with some friends. Steak and Wine!

I guess you can say I’m beginning to be picky with my steak. We go out for steak dinners often, and I like to try different types. Saturday I had the New York Steak (for the first time) The others got Rib eye steak and bone in Rib eye. I think the Bone in rib eye was the best one I tasted.


The appetizers were delicious too. Calamari, Fries, Sautéed mushrooms, Sugar snap peas. Yum!


A great evening with friends! 

Sunday morning I had to go into work for  couple hours.

zzzz I left the Mr and little K sleeping all snuggled in, while I left the house on a cold dark Sunday morning ha!


They woke up when I got home haha, they didn’t miss me at all.


I got home, got everyone ready, and we headed out to have Brunch at my inlaws.  


Honduran Breakfast, Baleadas!


Soooo good!


Flour Tortillas, Refried beans, Eggs, Avocado, Cheese, YUM!


I can’t wait for my new kitchen! I have a list of Italian and Honduran recipes that I want to perfect.


Growing up we always had Big family lunches on Sunday’s. My mom would make lasagna.


The Mr grew up with Baleadas for weekend breakfasts. These are 2 recipes that have priority, but we have a list of Italian and Honduran recipes we want to pass on to our children. :)



Although I must say, life is VERY different now than it was when I grew up. We are always on the go and out and about, I rarely have weekends home where I can spend hours making a delicious meal. I can tell you that I am NOT one to spend hours in the kitchen cooking (I enjoy cooking, just not for hours ha) . So that’s why we came up with a menu of dishes we love from growing up and those are the dishes we will focus on to pass on to our kids. Only a few of them are ones that take a lot of time.  That I can do! I can’t wait to get our new home and set new traditions for our kid(s)! 

Hope you all have a great Monday! 

We have snow!!! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas tree shopping.

This year I decided to look for a tree farm to get our Christmas tree. We drove about 40 mins north. The drive was so nice. The roads and trees were all covered in snow. 
It was our first time, so we didn't know what to expect... We weren't prepared at all. Ha! I was in heels and the husband and Kristian in running shoes, no snow pants either. It was freezing too!

They had tractor rides, face painting, hot chocolate, fire pit and Santa too!

We saw Santa, but little K wasn't thrilled to see him haha
Haha love this picture. 

We had a fun morning and came home with a 8foot tree! 

We had to leave it to settle for a day so hopefully we get to decorate tonight! 

I started some house decorations today.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

16 months old

Oh baby K you are 16 months old! You are such a sweet little boy and totally crack me up! You love to be silly and you are very affectionate, always kissing and hugging us. Unless we say no, you will get upset and hit us :/

Everyday you do something new. It's always amazing to me because you pay close attention and copy the things we do without us even knowing! You learned another word last week. We call the pacifier a chucho and you call it tutto. You say about 10 words and lots of babbles that mean something to you! Haha

You have 9 teeth, 7 front teeth and 2 molars and another front tooth on its way!

You still love to eat and you turn and look and point at the sink where I prepare food if you want more. Usually looking for a fruit after dinner or your baby crunchies. You are using a fork more often now but using your hands is much faster.

You are in between sizes right now. Some 12-18 fitting snug and 18-24 way too big.

You love your stride rite shoes and I already have my eye on spring summer ones for you haha!

Your sleep is still great too. Taking 2 naps 1.5-2 hours each and 10- 12 hours a night. Depending if we are home or out late. You only wake for water if I have you in bed early, you will wake before 12am for a sip then sleep straight till 8 or 9am.

You still love to play with my hair. It comforts you.

You love Zoe and get braver and braver with playing with her haha. You are a dancer like your daddy haha you dance as soon as you hear music and love it. You love when I read to you and you always bring me books and point at it so I can read ;)

Today we played in the snow and had soo much fun!