Saturday, February 21, 2015

14 weeks! Preggo post

How far along: 14 weeks 1 day 

Size of baby: Lemon 

Gender: not sure yet but a gender reveal party is in the works! 

Sleep: very good ha! Zzzzzz 

Cravings: again, more food aversions. Exactly like my pregnancy with Kristian.  I don't know what I what to eat until it's in front of my face! Which makes it very hard for meal planning and very easy for eating out ha!

Feelings: I feel great. So excited. The husband and a Kristian are so excited and treat me like a princess. Little k tell the baby he loves it everyday!! It's the cutest!

As I get bigger I want to make sure my skin still feels great. I used cocoa butter before but I found this new cream at Sephora that I'll try out. 

So far so good! I love the way it feels and absorbs. 

I'm loving my growing belly! 

14 weeks!!! 

Now to celebrate this man tonight ♥️
The birthday boy! 

More on this tomorrow! 

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