Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Family Day!

Spending the whole weekend with my family made for a perfect family day long weekend. 

Our weekend began with Valentines Day! 

One of my Valentine's right there. Total cuteness! 

Kristian made me cupcakes at daycare. 
So yum lol 

Saturday night Husband and I went out to dinner and a comedy show. 
Yum! A very meaty dinner! 

We had a great time despite the freezing cold temperatures here. Haha. 

Little k spent Valentines night with his little cousins and grandma. Always surrounded by ladies haha. 

Sunday morning we took little K toRipley's  aquarium to celebrate the family weekend. 

So much to see and so much fun! 

I can just picture next year with 2 little ones. Kristian is going to love being a big brother.  He's always all over me, hugging and kissing the baby bump. 

Sunday night we had an engagement party. One of the Mr's friend is getting married and moving to Sweden! How cool is that! 

They had a book to sign when we walked in, but it was the coolest thing. They first took your picture with a poloroid and then you wrote around your picture. What a great memory to have! I'll use that idea in my next occasion that's for sure! 

The husband has an amazing group of friends. They were all so sweet. Some of them being the first time we met. They were at my service ha! Getting me food and drinks. They are all so happy for us and our growing family. 
Here I am wearing a maternity dress I bought. Perfect for the bump ha! And I can never go wrong with a black dress with MK heels and MK evening purse. 

A wonderful weekend. 

Happy family day! From our family to yours!