Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exciting day!

Today we finally got to see our new home! It's ready! We are sooo excited to move in! 

City living was great for 3 months but we are sooo happy to get into our new home and live in the new area! 

We designed it all last year! So finally, getting to see it all put together was such a great feeling and relief haha! 

Last year little K was just 2yo with a pacifier as we walked through the model home for ideas. 

Now today we saw our finished product!

They did an amazing job. 

Here's our kitchen! 

I tried to take a lot of pics, but they didn't turn out so good, so I'll post what I got! 

Upstairs 5th room which is open concept so more for a reading room/playroom. Perfect for the kids! 

Our staircase.

Little K's room. 3 beautiful windows! 

Here's a little of the front entrance 

I can't wait to decorate! 

More posts to come! 

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  1. I love the size of it!! The 5th room is wonderful. I'm sure the kids will love it.