Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Some weekend fun

Delayed post with a bunch of pics of course! 

Friday my husband and I went shopping for house items! New dinnerware for the new home! Time is flying and it's crunch time!!! 

We are soo excited to get to our new home, new memories to be made, a new beginning filled with love for our growing family. 

Our little family of 3, will soon be 4. Making us even stronger than we were before. 

After shopping for a couple hours we decided, well actually my cravings decided on dinner. 

I had the 1.5lbs lobster! The Mr had 2lbs! 
Along with the most delicious lobster bisque, garlic bread and escargots!

Ohh I'm drooling right now as I post this ha! 

Saturday was another day shopping. Getting little K's uniform for Montessori school! 

Ohhh I cried seeing him all dressed up, such a big boy now. 

How cute is he!!!

And his new dress shoes! 

He's a size 10! His shoe size always surprises me!! He's growing up and fast! 

The rest of the weekend was filled with friends and family. Birthday parties and Super Bowl! Pizza wings chips ohhh  yum! 

The cousins having way too much fun together.

And us recovering from a fun filled weekend! 

I hope to start weekly pregnancy updates or at least monthly ones!  Need to get my act together! I want to track this pregnancy as I did little k's! 

One things forsure, I'm sooo tired! And was not this tired when I was preggo with little k! 

Good night friends! 

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