Friday, April 24, 2015

23 weeks preggo

How Far Along: 23 Weeks!!! 


Size of baby: Large Mango. This little guy moves soo much!!! Way more than little K did.  He is one busy little dude!


Cravings: NONE! BOO.  I was sick with a sinus infection for almost 3 weeks of no taste or smell, it's still not fully back. Then I've also had some major indigestion. So eating has not been a fun thing. Just yesterday my appetite was back and I finally had a full meal! Of take out chinese food HA! Sooo good!


New baby items: Now that we finally know 100% that it's a BOY!!!!! I'm in planning mode! I do have everything from little K which makes things easier but it also makes shopping more fun! Shopping for baby M has started!

Personalized pillow is on it's way. Blue and Brown I got, just like his big brother's pillow.  Personalized with his own name MICHAEL.  We are naming him, Michael Elliott, but still deciding on the spelling. Eliot, or Elliott :) I'm sooo in love with this name!!! We can't wait to meet this little boy!


What big brother thinks: Little K soon to be Big brother K, always asks about his brother. He says that Michael can sleep in the middle of our bed, hahah all 4 of us that is. So I 'm thinking we will need to upgrade to that King bed haa!  He's always kissing my belly saying he loves Michael and wants Michael to come and play hahahh. Super sweet.

Soon we will set up the Nursery. But first a family vacation is coming right up. Some relaxing beach time just the 3 of us before baby :) So much fun!


Have a great weekend friends!

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