Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend organizing and decorating

This weekend we rented a uhaul truck to gather the rest of our things from my moms place. When we moved there back in October we had a lot of stuff that didn't fit in the storage pod we rented. So we brought the rest to moms. When we moved to the new house, we just took what was needed. Leaving my moms basement still packed with our things ha! So yesterday we filled up a truck and brought it all home!
Whaa it was like moving in all over again!! 

Little k loved seeing daddy drive the truck! He was so excited. 

My moving outfit haha. 
Well. Little k and I didn't do much to help.  But we sorted through things and helped organize. 

Today we went to mass in the morning. 
Little k was on his best behaviour, which made us Soo happy! He loves going to church. When we drive by he always points out church and says look mama! Jesus's house!! 

Today's message was perfect for when we think us humans know it all and think we are the ones in control. Well. 
The main message. Look to God for advice, not to yourself or other humans. 

I've seen miracles happen before my eyes and I've had so many of my prayers answered, I've had amazing things happen in my life, I've had terrible things happen in my life and the only explanation for these things good and what I've seen as bad was God's doing, not mine or anyone else's, and all for a greater purpose. Even when things seem so low, God is there helping us through. Teaching us a lesson, helping us grow stronger, guiding us on a path. A better path. He knows your path. There's always the light at the end, just put all your trust in God. He knows what he's doing! 

I remember when we got married and our priest  looked us with a huge smile. Letting us know that we are now one, now family of our own. Telling us that there's a purpose for why we were brought together. A greater reason than what we just think. God has a plan! Trust in his plan! And that we do! 

Back to the rest of the day!

Our next project is completing the office! 
We need our office! We both have been missing an office space since we sold our  last home! 

So we headed out on the hunt for a desk, chair and art! 


Just need the desk to arrive this week! And we can have it all ready by the end of the week! 

Next project. The nursery!!! And sorting through bins of little k's old clothes!!! 

I have 6 bins to sort thru! 

Little k had a fun weekend and of course always shows zoe so much love! 
Love this boy so much!!!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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