Thursday, April 02, 2015

20 weeks and so sick with the flu

Boo! I have a bad cold which has me in slowwwwmo! 

20 weeks! 

Size of a banana! 
Gender ultrasound this weekend!!! Yay!!!
Gender reveal party to follow! My friends and family are super excited!! 

This past weekend it was just baby k and I. Dh went away for his best friends bachelor party. They had an awesome time and they all have awesome tans! Jealous!!!

But little k and I had some visitors. And he was such a good little helper, helping me around the house and taking care of baby too! He's going to be an amazing big brother!!!

Love my little boy!!! 

This weekend we have so much planned!  I have a bad cold :( so I hope I get over it soon!!! It's easter weekend! Lots of celebrations with family! 

Ohh and how can u forget!!! My nieces birthday!!!! 2 years old today!!

Happy Easter!!!! 

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