Thursday, September 17, 2015

One month old!

My little guy is already one month old! 

Born at 6lbs 14oz

My big boy is now 10lbs 2oz

Little k at 1 month was 8lbs 

So you are a little bigger than your big brother! 
Big bro on the left, you on the right. 

You eat a lot! You are beginning to stay awake for longer periods. Also twice this week you decided that crying for 2-3 hours straight was a good idea ha! Big brother was way worse in that department. You are really an easy baby so far compared to big bro. As you get older we can't wait to see your little personality. Will you be like big bro! Will you be opposite. Will you be more like mommy and daddy! 

Yesterday we had your one month checkup. You are perfect in every way! 
Your big brother loves you Soo much! 
He's already always looking out for you.

My cute little boy! We love you so much! 

Happy 1 month!! 

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