Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life of my kiddies

This week is the second week of JK! 

Little man had a great week last week 
Which makes me sooo happy! 

Daddy will begin drop offs this week, so an earlier start it will be.

I'll be doing pickups with my sweet baby boy.

We have bedtime sorted and little k is sleeping between 8-9pm. Yay! 

Lunches were perfect last week. Little k loved them all! 

The yumbox is really the best thing for lunch! A little bit of everything to keep little k happy and full! 

I feel like the days are flying by! 

Little k is 3.5 going on 13! 

And baby M is 4 weeks going on 4 months!! Haha 

He's already in 3-6 month clothing!
My big boys! 

Last week baby M had his hearing test.
He passed, and they gave us a free kids book. So nice! 

Now with little k in school I'll have so much more time to snuggle with baby M. 

Hope everyone has a great second week back to school!

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