Monday, September 07, 2015

Weekend fun before school!

Oh boy tomorrow is the first day of school! And like many parents we are nervous for our little ones! 

Little k is going to JK! Where did these 4 years go! 

I just prepared his clothes for tomorrow morning and his school bag.

Tomorrow he is going in for just 2 hours and Wednesday he begins full day! 

This weekend we had Soo much fun with family and friends! 

My sister had a 30th birthday party at her place. 

While the adults had fun my older niece helped put the littles to sleep haha. 

Yesterday we had a bbq party at our place. And little k met a new friend 

It's been sooooo hot here which is great! 
But better if we were having pool parties this weekend haha.

Baby M is 3 weeks old already! 

My cutie!! 

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