Monday, July 04, 2016

Summertime summertime

Ohhh summer weekends! Jammed packed with fun!

Ohh but first, the last day of school! 

JK! How fast did this year go! 

This little guy has changed so much over the year. He was just 3years old when he started school. Now He looks like a little man! He was so proud of himself the last day of school and he's ready for SK but only after 100 days of no school he says. Ha!

So let the summer fun begin! 

Beach days. And so many more to come. 

Who doesn't love the beach! The weather has been great too so hopefully it lasts all summer and we get many beach days in! 

BBQ parties 
And more parties... 

And more to come. 

Cuties and way more cute boy outfits to come. Ha! I know we all love dressing little girls, but I have so much fun dressing my boys. Especially when we have events. How cute are they! 

These cuties are best friends, and had so much fun this weekend together. 

Late nights, family fun. Summertime is here! 

Flowers brought to me by littlek. 😍♥️

Have a great week friends! 

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