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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer fun!

 Summer has been fun and full of family events! 2 weeks until school begins and we have many more fun things to do with the kiddies! 

My adorable niece turned 6 years old. Our August is full of birthday fun! 

Last week we were a little down in the household. The kids had hand foot and mouth virus. It was so painful for baby M 
Thank goodness it they got over it quickly! 

My cousin got married last weekend. She had a Henna Party and her ceremony and party. 

It was my first time attending a henna party. The evening was beautiful. 

I was honored to do a reading at their ceremony. 
I wore a simple black Calvin Klein black dress with my gold tip MK shoes and purse. I curled my own hair with the curlpro! Ha! 

The reception was so much fun, with amazing family! 

I had this dress tucked in my closet for about 3 years! Tags and all! It fit perfectly and was perfect for the event! 

The kids looked adorable!!

The next day we headed to the race track. Our new family tradition. The kids love it and the husband and I are getting competitive ha! 

We don't want the summer to end! 

Yesterday was the last day of soccer for the season as well!

We went for ice cream afterwards to celebrate! 


Have a great weekend friends! 

Monday, July 04, 2016

Summertime summertime

Ohhh summer weekends! Jammed packed with fun!

Ohh but first, the last day of school! 

JK! How fast did this year go! 

This little guy has changed so much over the year. He was just 3years old when he started school. Now He looks like a little man! He was so proud of himself the last day of school and he's ready for SK but only after 100 days of no school he says. Ha!

So let the summer fun begin! 

Beach days. And so many more to come. 

Who doesn't love the beach! The weather has been great too so hopefully it lasts all summer and we get many beach days in! 

BBQ parties 
And more parties... 

And more to come. 

Cuties and way more cute boy outfits to come. Ha! I know we all love dressing little girls, but I have so much fun dressing my boys. Especially when we have events. How cute are they! 

These cuties are best friends, and had so much fun this weekend together. 

Late nights, family fun. Summertime is here! 

Flowers brought to me by littlek. 😍♥️

Have a great week friends! 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Fun weekend wedding!

Saturday my husbands best friend got married!!! My husband was the best man, and his friend was his best man too at our wedding!! 

We've know him for 15 years! It was soo nice seeing his family and other friends and the wedding. Reminiscing about the past, their university days. Our very young years just having so much fun always! 

I wore my go to maternity dress! I've got great use out of this dress! 

I kept it simple with black and my MK heels that still fit! 

Their Hall was beautiful, the food was delish! I ate everything. 

My husbands best mans speech was so good. Made me cry! And the groom was touched by it. It hit the past, present and glimpse of the future in our friendship to come. It was warm and heartfelt. :) a great best man speech! 

We danced a lot! We had a great time with friends! 

This is the last of our friends of this group to get married!! So we partied it up to 2am! . Ha! Zzzz

Little k spent the evening with grandma. Instead of driving back home so late when he was already sleeping. We just stayed over my moms for the night.
Best part of that was, we got to sleep in because grandma woke with little k and they had breakfast all ready for us when we woke up. Soo sweet!!

Hope you all had s great weekend! 

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Family trip to Cuba!!

We are back from a fun family vacation for my cousins wedding!! 

I have over 500 pictures but I'll share just a few ha! Well more than a few. 

We left last Saturday. We drove to the park n fly as it's so convient! We always do the park n fly, much better than depending on others, that way we are on our own schedule. 

The guys got all the luggages while we waited for the shuttle to the airport. 

Then to the airport. Our airport is amazing iPad central ha! 

The kids were so excited to go on the plane. Everyone was so well behaved and we had nooo issues at all!!

We arrived in the evening and met up with the rest of the family. 

We had a great view! Loved our room! 

Here are some pics of the trip! 


The weather was sooo nice! Ahh sun and ocean! 

There was a couple of days the winds picked up and there was big waves. We didn't go into the water with the kids. But the guys loved it ha! 

The evenings were so much fun too. Bring on the drinks! Ha! We would order soooo many drinks! The waiter asked if we would actually drink them... Umm of course! And we did! Ha! 

Loved seeing the kids play in the sand. They had so much fun seeing eachother everyday. They would wake up asking to go to breakfast together. Sooo sweet! Every morning we would have fresh made omlettes croissants and fruits to start our day.

Mr hot stuff on the beach. Super impressed with all the kids this week. 

2 of the days after breakfast we took the bus out to varadaro city to shop for a couple hours. Little k had sooo much fun on the bus. He truly is a good little traveller. The bus was a double decker so it was open to above the steps. Little K looked up and said the dinosaur bit the roof off. Ha!

We bought some gifts, including these guitars and these littles performed for us. Ha! 

How cute is this picture!!! 

Little k paying for his coconut drink. He was exposed to so many new things last week. 

Then, the day of the wedding.

Rooftop over looking the resort and ocean 
Beautiful bride and groom 

How gorgeous were the bridesmaids. My cousins looked great!!

Little k's outfit 

More rooftop pics:

We had a wonderful vacation. Spending time with family. Eating our meals together, having conversations and playing beach side and pool side. Dressing up every evening for lobby drinks and entertainment.  We were a big fun group.