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Monday, July 04, 2016

Summertime summertime

Ohhh summer weekends! Jammed packed with fun!

Ohh but first, the last day of school! 

JK! How fast did this year go! 

This little guy has changed so much over the year. He was just 3years old when he started school. Now He looks like a little man! He was so proud of himself the last day of school and he's ready for SK but only after 100 days of no school he says. Ha!

So let the summer fun begin! 

Beach days. And so many more to come. 

Who doesn't love the beach! The weather has been great too so hopefully it lasts all summer and we get many beach days in! 

BBQ parties 
And more parties... 

And more to come. 

Cuties and way more cute boy outfits to come. Ha! I know we all love dressing little girls, but I have so much fun dressing my boys. Especially when we have events. How cute are they! 

These cuties are best friends, and had so much fun this weekend together. 

Late nights, family fun. Summertime is here! 

Flowers brought to me by littlek. 😍♥️

Have a great week friends! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

10 months old, 4.5 years old and 9 years

Getting everyone in on this post. Ha!

Baby boy is 10 months old! 

This little cutie is one busy boy! He will not sit still for a second! He is in everything and exploring with no fear! 

He loves Zoe! And they both tease eachother daily! 

He is 20lbs and in size 4 diapers. I think his weight is slowing down. It's been the same the last couple months. His favorite food right now are Cheerios! 

I haven't written about Mr K in a while so I wanted to get that in here too! 

Mr K is almost done with his first year of school!! I can't believe how fast this year went by! The school really made the last couple of weeks really fun. Last week they had a fun day,which was... So much fun, duh!

He's grown so much over the year and he's such a big boy now. 

I just wanted to blog some things I totally love about him right now. These kids are growing up fast and I don't want to forget a thing! 

His little teeth and his smile. Mr K has the biggest smile that melts my heart! 

His adorable laugh, omg his laugh is so contagious! 

Firm body - ha! I wanted to take note of this because his squishy baby body is gone. This kid has a rock hard bod. 

He Loves being home in his element but loves traveling around with us on our adventures. He likes to list our plans for the day just as I do haha! 
He's Very observant, he notices everything and hismemory is sharp! He remembers everything! He is always surprising us.  So sweet and so polite. He still has a few tantrums here and there but his sweetness overrides that. 
He's ready for a fun summer and then off to SK! 

Today is our 9 year anniversary. We had a little cake to celebrate. But this mama is looking forward to my first date night since baby m was born! Yay!

Have a great weekend friends! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! This weekend we celebrated my husband! Both kids Adore their daddy!
So we all joined in the fun weekend of what daddy loves! Which is soccer ha! We watched a lot of soccer, played soccer in the backyard. Went to watch a soccer game and watched daddy play soccer with his team. 

First thing Saturday morning Zoe had a grooming appt ha! So we asked little k what he would like to do. He was talking about sushi for days and also asking us to buy honey.  He loves the natural raw honey. So we did both those things. 

Then we got ready to head downtown for the soccer game ! 

I carried baby M in the Bjorne and let me tell you, my legs are so sore from all the walking we did! 

We played some games. Ha! Daddy got dragged in to play with the kids. 

Moment of silence for Orlando <3

This little had candy, popcorn, peanuts and icecream. Soo good! Ha! 

The kids had a blast! It was such a fun event. 

This morning we were up early and went to watch daddy play soccer! 

It was a hot day today! 

We then headed up north for a nice drive 

Happy daddy's day to my loving husband. We love you Sooo much! 

Oh! How can I forget! I had little k answer these questions. Boy did we have a laugh! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby knows best?

My little guy ate a whole little container of blueberries yesterday (cut in half). Everytime he was done he cried for more.

It amazes me each time I feed him different foods. He loves the good stuff. I know that babies change all the time. (oh do I know that) But right now my little guy loves pretty much all fruits, veggies, beans, whole grain toast with cheese.... He gobbles it all up and always asks for more.

With our sorta- trying -not succeeding-don't know what I want to accomplish- weaning-sleep training going on (haha!) meal time has been a calm relaxing thing around here. Where we can both sit and chow down without any fuss.

Today I'm steaming zucchini and butternut squash. I also bought more delicious blueberries and avocado today.

What foods do your babies love?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The baby bathtub is for babies!

For months I've been wanting to switch baby K to the big bathtub in our spare bathroom. Since he started sitting on his own and making a splashy mess. But I never got around to fixing up what we needed in there to make it baby friendly.

Baby K still can sit fine in the small one but boy does he make a mess splashing water all over us and the floor!

So finally yesterday we did it!

I bought a no slip mat for the bottom of the tub and a new carpet and moved bath time into to the spare bathroom!

Big bath tub fun!!! My big boy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun at the Apple Farm, Apple Picking!

We had a fun weekend! Saturday morning I took Kristian to a Early Years Centre a friend has been going to. Many moms and dads and children of all ages were there. Kristian had so much fun watching everyone sing and play games.

Sunday I wanted to go to a street festival just north of where we live, but when we got there it was over! ha! It was only happening on Saturday. So since we were north of the city we decided to go to the apple farm!

We picked some apples and bought apple pastries and apple pie yum! The employees were telling us that this year is really bad for them because of the April frost we had, they didn't get as many apples as they usually do!

We picked a bag full and had fun showing Kris around the area.

He loved holding the apple so tight ha!

Fall is around the corner! Can't wait to buy some pumpkins! And take Kris to the pumpkin patch in October!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby K is 10 months old!

Baby Kristian you are 10 MONTHS!!!! I can hardly believe it! The days are flying by!

What are you up to?

You LOVE LOVE LOVE to feed yourself! You are unstoppable! I need to give you a little bit at a time because you keep filling up your little mouth full of food!

You are eating pretty much everything these days. I am giving you less and less puree's. I just cut up little pieces of foods either fresh, cooked or steamed. You are also eating our dinners along with us!

This week you are loving peas, black beans, broccoli, cheddar cheese and watermelon! 
Last month I was worried you were on the thin side... but that is changing this month with you gobbling up all your meals yourself!. You gained a full pound! Yay!

You weigh 17lbs

Still in size 3-4 diapers, 9 month clothes and still some 6 month clothes.

We are in the process of weaning you... you breastfeed about 6 times a day. Our goal is to daytime wean you as you start daycare full time in 4 weeks and 4 days!!!!!! I'm CRYING! You love to nurse and ask for it now too! You will throw your pacifier and tug at my shirt and say mommaa!

You are learning new things every day! You observe things closely and I can see you thinking haha! You are a happy baby smiling all the time and love when Daddy and I make you laugh! You love to copy us, it is soo cute! You love Zoe and wish she would let you pull her fur right out ha!

You have 2 bottom teeth with 4 up top coming soon!!!

I added more videos of you playing, on my youtube channel  :)

I want to remember all these fun times! We love you soooo much my little snuggle bug!