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Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 - 3 week goal re-cap

Now that we ended week 3 in January I just wanted to re-cap my 2011 goals.
So far we have booked our first trip for 2011 and SF trip is coming up soon! I have been sticking to my workouts, tried hot yoga (and plan to register soon) I did really well with calorie counting up until the last couple days I cheated a LOTTTT. AND I failed in my no pop and burger rule this week. But I'm very impressed at how long I held out. I'll try again beginning tomorrow. We also started on our reno's and boy it's been messy around here!

Of course, where we are, Zoe is. She is a very involved cat. If she's not around it means 2 things, she's feeling sick, or we locked her in a closet or bedroom by accident ahhah! As we were working yesterday she got up on the ladder and it was so cute! With all the sanding dust around she will be needing a bath very soon!
Yesterday we went to a friends place for dinner. She made this yummy shrimp bisque! She'll be giving me the recipe tomorrow.

And my sister made this brownie cheese cake....I asked for a big piece... eek!

Since I started my goals I've been following my rule of making BF at home and bringing lunch. I bought a new lunch bag last week. It's bigger. I find I'm not bringing enough snacks and I hate driving home from work starved. So I need to bring enough food for lunch and 2 snacks while at work. I always seem to forget this from time to time, I need my snacks!
Do you snack throughout the day??

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thinking of my 2011 goals

Ok, so it's that time again to re-visit, re-vamp, re-create goals for the new year. I'm thinking really hard on this one. 2010 was a little more crazy than I expected it to be and I'm looking forward to taking some control in 2011! (with what God allows of course! Haha! Some times we are not in control at all, this I know!)

So I started my list and I'm working on.

Weight Loss is of course on top of my list.

And eating this...

Won't help me! But it was really really delicious! I blame watching Man vs Food all day yesterday all about burgers! Not a good show to watch when wanting to watch my calories. Ha!

This morning I went to visit my prego bff and her new place. We chatted over a coffee and muffins. I can't wait to meet her little son. She is due in February and I'm sooo excited!

Then I went to hang with my sister to get some things ready for NYE!

She was baking cupcakes and I noticed this little knife she was using.

And It's a knife from my Dental Hygiene kit from when I was in college 10 years ago! ahahah! It was used to mix sealants and stuff. So funny. It made me think about the last 10 years and boy sooooo much has happened in 10 years. Every year made me different, made me stronger, made me grow and made me understand more of who I am. 2011, I'm excited!

What are your 2011 goals!?

PS. Don't forget to enter in my Vlog Giveaway. (Thanks for all your sweet comments too ahhahha when I watch the video I laugh :)