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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Approaching the terrible twos!

One month away from turning 2!!!

This little man is letting us know that he is almost 2 and ready to take on the world ha! 

Mr meltdown let's you know when he's upset. He'll scream, cry and throw himself to the floor kicking and screaming and looking over to make sure we are paying attention ha!

Little K is loving daycare. He still cried when we hit the driveway, but once he's there he is happy. And our provider has only good things to say about him. ;) the other day she said she is very impressed with all the colors he has learned. And asked if I knew! Of course! I taught him! I'm just glad he is having good days at daycare and is happy! 


Monday, September 23, 2013

First fall weekend

We had a very relaxed weekend. We totally needed it.

We did a little shopping 
So glad our grocery store has these car carts. Kristian loves it. 
Saturday we shopped for a Halloween costume and a new airplane! Well rocket! 

Kristian loves airplanes. The second he hears one he stops to look up and yells Aplay Aplay. 

We also did some cleaning.
Although the house never stays clean for longer than a minute with a toddler full of crumbs ha! 

We played outside, but it's getting pretty chilly! 

And bubbles are needed when outside. 

We cooked a little.
Black bean soup with pork. Yummy and perfect for this chilly weather! 
We all loved it and ate it all up this weekend! 

We had a fun relaxed weekend spending time together as a family ;) Zoe included ha! Kristian is obsessed with Zoe. He's always looking for her, playing with her, giving her kisses. It's cute! 

Hope you all had a nice weekend too! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

For the love of airplanes!

Little K loves airplanes! Well just one of the many things he loves. 

Today we went to park near the airport to watch the planes land.

Oh boy! He was soo excited and happy to be there! Yelling out airplane bye bye. It was adorable!!!! 

It was my first time doing this. Definitely will be doing it more often. 

We had a fun evening!