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Thursday, September 29, 2011

35 week pregnancy update - 5 weeks to go!

 This week!
How Far Along: 35 weeks!
Movement: This week little one has been moving a lot! and has been having lots of hiccups!
Sleep: Sleep has been ok, although I'm much more tired during the day.
Symptoms: Hands and feet get swollen, so I'm trying to keep still and resting a lot. My emotions are all over the place too, I read it's normal at the last weeks while the body is preparing for delivery.
What I'm looking forward to? The nursery will be delivered next week!  
Some new items: A friend of mine bought baby K these cute outfits this week :)

5 weeks to go! but i think it'll be more like 3-4 weeks to go... We'll see if I'm right!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

35 week OB appointment and Fall pics!

 The leaves are changing! The weather is still pretty mild here. So even though I have been wearing my tights/sweaters and new boots, it's actually kinda warm for them haha.

I put my mini pumpkins out in the front, but soon will buy the big ones! Love Fall!

Love this picture

Today I had my 35 week appointment. I'm not 35 weeks till Thursday though.

Doctor said baby is growing, head is still down and that's what is causing pressure and my swollen hands and feet. Baby's heartbeat is perfect and my blood pressure is in the normal range. My weight jumped a bit since last appt 2 weeks ago... OB wasn't concerned so that's good.... Just 5 weeks to go!