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Monday, September 27, 2010

Workout to DWTS

Ahhh done with Monday! Last night we didn't get much sleep. Our Carbon Monoxide Alarm went off at 3am! I was so freaked out! We opened all the windows and called our gas company. They came at 4am and checked everything out and it was a false alarm whew! Our alarm is about 4 years old and needs to be changed. So this is a reminder to all to get your CO and Fire alarms checked regularly! Go check them out!

Today I started my breakfast off with apple pie haha! I was running late! But I had my healthy choice lunch which I totally love! Followed by a banana and apple for snacks.

After work I came home and made a yummy dinner! Breaded Turkey Breast, Wedges and Veggies. Yummy!

And I got in a basement workout too while watching Dancing with the Stars!

This weeks Goals:
*Smoothie or Oatmeal for Breakfasts
*Only 1 coffee a day (going well so far)
*1500 Calories/day
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app"
*Drink lots of water everyday! (2L a day!)
* No more apple pie for me this week!
* 3 workouts this week. (1 down)

What are your goals this week??

Hope you all had a good Monday!