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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fun at the apple farm!

I haven't been gone for long but realized taking a blog break didn't make much of a difference in my life ha! I still blogged but didn't post! So I'll post my previous posts soon. Not all the posts. I'll post slowly. A lot has gone on the past couple weeks! 

Today we had a fun day at the apple farm! This is now our new tradition with little K. My husband and I would go before Kris was born and now the past 2 years we go as a family. I love this new tradition. 

Little K is a great apple picker!!!

We picked 2 bags of apples! 
And ate some along the way too! 

We ended up buying way to much pie too. 

Apple heaven over here ha! 

Did you know that there's a way to pick apples? Well there is. You should twist the apple off gently at the stem and they will stay in your hand. Eye to the sky and twist! ;) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun at the Apple Farm, Apple Picking!

We had a fun weekend! Saturday morning I took Kristian to a Early Years Centre a friend has been going to. Many moms and dads and children of all ages were there. Kristian had so much fun watching everyone sing and play games.

Sunday I wanted to go to a street festival just north of where we live, but when we got there it was over! ha! It was only happening on Saturday. So since we were north of the city we decided to go to the apple farm!

We picked some apples and bought apple pastries and apple pie yum! The employees were telling us that this year is really bad for them because of the April frost we had, they didn't get as many apples as they usually do!

We picked a bag full and had fun showing Kris around the area.

He loved holding the apple so tight ha!

Fall is around the corner! Can't wait to buy some pumpkins! And take Kris to the pumpkin patch in October!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Saturday shopping with my sister

 Yesterday I spent the whole day shopping with my sister. My husband went camping for the long weekend with his friends. So what better way to spend my weekend... shopping!

We went to the Coach Outlet that's only 25 mins from my house! It's only been open for about a year and I'm soo glad it's much closer than the other one we use to drive an hour and half away to. I foresee many trips to this closer Coach store in my future haha!

I bought a new cross body purse and wallet. :) On Sale and an Extra 30% off too!

Sister bought a cute Coach hat!

We also went bridesmaid dress shopping in the city. We found the perfect dress! Sooo Exciting!

Husband took the SUV camping, and in no way was I complaining about driving his cute bmw around, but with this belly it was tough getting in and out of those bucket seats! It's stick too, and I already need the seat to go up it's furthest for my short legs to reach the clutch, the belly made my seating a bit off. 

Growing up in the city and always street parking, I'm usually a pro and paralleling... yesterday.. not so much haha!

We also stopped over at the apple farm for apple pies and apple turnovers. Yum!
I had a piece for breakfast this morning. soooo gooood! :)
 I had a 50% coupon at Michaels so we spent a good hour in there yesterday buying cute items haha! Love Michaels!   I bought a scrapbook with lots of stickers! So I'll print all my pregnancy photos and place them in here :) Can't wait to get started!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Workout to DWTS

Ahhh done with Monday! Last night we didn't get much sleep. Our Carbon Monoxide Alarm went off at 3am! I was so freaked out! We opened all the windows and called our gas company. They came at 4am and checked everything out and it was a false alarm whew! Our alarm is about 4 years old and needs to be changed. So this is a reminder to all to get your CO and Fire alarms checked regularly! Go check them out!

Today I started my breakfast off with apple pie haha! I was running late! But I had my healthy choice lunch which I totally love! Followed by a banana and apple for snacks.

After work I came home and made a yummy dinner! Breaded Turkey Breast, Wedges and Veggies. Yummy!

And I got in a basement workout too while watching Dancing with the Stars!

This weeks Goals:
*Smoothie or Oatmeal for Breakfasts
*Only 1 coffee a day (going well so far)
*1500 Calories/day
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app"
*Drink lots of water everyday! (2L a day!)
* No more apple pie for me this week!
* 3 workouts this week. (1 down)

What are your goals this week??

Hope you all had a good Monday!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Love Fall

Today was one of those Sundays. We slept in then went out for a late breakfast and drove up north to the apple farm we usually go to.

There were sooo many people apple picking today! We didn't go apple picking but we did drop in to buy their delicious apple pie and apples!
And we tried apple raisin cookies with hot apple cider. mm mmm

The drive was beautiful. All the beautiful colors of the leaves just makes my day.

I need to get my fall decor our soon! Now.. where to start looking for it ahhah!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today was Canada Day! So we went out and enjoyed it!
Just 15 minutes from our house in the township of King we found a nature trail! It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent about 2 hours here this morning :)

At one point we got lost and used our google maps haha! We were ok and found our way.
The trail is really meant for Bikes I think... There were many cyclist on the trails, we had to jump out of the way a couple times.

Just down the street from the trail is Pine Orchard apple farm. After our long and tiring hike we went there to grab a bite. It is soo nice here. I absolutely love the peace and tranquility of being North of the city.

And I couldn't be at a apple farm without eating a apple something, so I had a apple turnover :)... I really need to get back on track soon!
Apples are growing! It's soo pretty here. If you live in Toronto, you definitely need to check out Pine orchard farms. It's about 40 mins from Toronto. They have apple picking too beginning the end of August. You'll see meee there for sure!

Tonight we planned to go for a walk to get a closer view of the fireworks, but after a long day we both were pretty much pooped! So we brought out some chairs, drinks and popcorn and watched the fireworks from our porch :)

Hope all my fellow Canadians had a great day off!

Back to work for me tomorrow :(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 day shred update

If you are like me you are sad the weekend is over :(. I had a really good weekend, I hope you did too!

To end a good weekend my husband and I went for a ride north to the apple farm to buy apple pie :) I'm doing really well with my calories sooooooo a piece of apple pie is well deserved. ahah! :)

Ok I know many of you are also doing the 30 day shred... What a workout! and I'm still only on level 1!!! If you are considering getting the DVD, I say what are you waiting for!!?? Go get it! And all you need is a mat and weights :) as the DVD says ahah!
For those of you just beginning, one tip I can give, is to really pay attention to Jillian, she gives really good tips on technique and boy when you follow her words you feel it! Especially the last Ab workout... you know what I'm talking about :)

Do any of you know how many calories are burned in the 30day shred levels? I guess it would depend on our individual body weight as well hmm I'll be googling that now.

For lunch this week I'm switching back to wraps, I want to switch it up weekly so I don't get bored :) I'll post on that tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

MMM Apples!

Should I really be eating apple pies... don't answer ha!. Good news is that I did my weigh in today and I did not gain any weight, but nor did I lose... Hmm and I just bought apple pies from a apple farm up North today ha!

We went to finish some Christmas shopping today and we both wanted to buy apple pie. It's a beautiful sunny day and I didn't feel like buying apple pie at the grocery store, so I googled apple farms in Ontario. Just 20 mins north of where we live we found a apple farm still open for the season.

The place is called Pine Farms Orchard located in King City. They sell apple pies frozen and fresh, apple cider and so many other goodies. The pie is delicious!

New Holiday Mug! Yesterday I went to Michael's Craft store to buy some "things" for my sisters Christmas present. I can't mention what it is since my sister is a frequent blog reader ahah! ;) I will post it after Christmas, it's really cute. While there I bought this cute mug ;) with a lid! So Zoe doesn't drink from my cup when I turn away!

Dinner at home tonight:
Making Thai Coconut shrimp tonight for dinner and I had an omelet for brunch today. (I think a piece or two of apple pie won't hurt!) :)

Happy weekend everyone :)