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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

blink! it's August!

Umm July just flew by. 
Summer has been super fun! With events, beach days, soccer days and more! 
A little july recap in pics! 
Lots of dinner dates with these boys! 
Mr K loves loves loves salmon! He loves sashimi and he also loves grilled salmon. When he walks in the store we buy our meat/fish from, he immediately goes to the fish and wants to buy it all! Haha! 
One this about little K, is that he loves food. Avocados, salmon, steaks, blueberries are at the top of his list. This little 5 year old talks about food with a passion! 

We also went to the Honda Indy. Both boys loved it. 
We are in the last few weeks of soccer practice. Mr M is the coach. Fun but also exhausting haha. The kids love him. 

 Baby M wants to play too! He's the little helper, placing the pylons haha. 

Another summer tradition we have is going to the drive in. There's a little park there, the kids play before the movie. Then we get popcorn and snacks and her cozy in the trunk! 

 We are trying to get to the beach every week! Summers are short here so we must enjoy them! 



We are headed back to the beach this weekend! Lots of BBQ and sunshine! 

These cousins have so much fun together. 

And new baby A is almost a month old! 

Last weekend we had my cousins baby shower! She's having a boy! 

We are soo excited! 

 I went to the shower without my kids and it was a lovely afternoon vacation lunch haha

Catching up with the ladies was soo nice. Love these beautiful ladies! 

So much more summer fun to come. 

The kids are at summer camp during the day. 


Baby M is learning so much and so fast! Howwwww is he almost 2! 

These boys love each other so much 

 Happy August! 

Baby M's birthday is almost a week away!!!! 



Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween fun!

Camp spooky! 

We had a fun Halloween themed weekend! 

The kids went trick-or-treating at an amusement park.

How cute are they!

We went on some rides, saw a show and collected lots of candy! The kiddies had a blast! 

 After the fun day, 

We all went back to our house for dinner
The kids were pooped haha

Sunday we went to buy some Halloween decor. Little K wanted spooky.

Next weekend we will carve the pumpkins! We have 6 of them! Eek! 

We have many future events to begin planning! First one coming soon is little k's birthday! Planning is happening as we speak! 

Love these little boys soo much! 


Sunday, February 08, 2015

Family get- together.

Saturday night my brother hosted a family get together with just few of our family members. If it were our whole family, we'd need a hall! We have a huge family. 

It was so nice to catch up with everyone. We don't get to see eachother often but it was so was to pick up where we left off and talk for hours about past memories while creating new ones. Uncondional love and family togetherness under one roof. 

The bigs and the littles. 

The little enjoyed the endless amount of candy at the candy station and loves burning it off running around and playing together. 

Cousin love. Such a blessing to have so many littles around and so many more to come! 

Pin the something, haha they were so cute. 

My sister inlaw never fails when it comes to fun! Haha she had a list of games ready for the evening lol

Pass the egg game haha! We had some good laughs. 

Hold the pop can with a spaghetti game. lol

Which I failed at. 

They also had a artist come in to draw! 

Ha look at us! Love my family!! 

And look at this baby bump! 

Best foods this weekend for this preggo was sushi! And strawberry and lemon tarts. Delish! 

A wonderful night together with No judgments, just pure fun, smiles and all around respect and love for our family. 

We had a great weekend. Hope you all did too!! 

Pure Love. ♥️

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend fun!

Sushi lunch! So fun watching little man concentrate on using chopsticks to pick up 1 pea at a time haha
His favorite at sushi lunch was; edamame, veggie rice, avocado/cucumber rolls, tempura crab and veggies, and miso soup! Yum! 

We also had a cousins 2nd birthday party which was a blast for the kids. 

Little K loves being with all his cousins. He asks for them all daily! We just don't get to see eachother enough, but when we do, there's lasting memories of fun and warm love. 

Of course little k ran so fast to blow out those candles. Oh boy. 

And at the end of the night, pj's on and story time from Tia. 

Total cuteness! 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Photo shoot with the littles

PMy moms birthday (and mine, same day!) is coming up! So we decided to do a little photo shoot with the littles for a canvas picture birthday gift for our mom. 

Kristian was not impressed at first. 

He wanted to PLAY at the park not pose for pictures! The nerve! Haha. It was sooo hard getting him to participate. He rather play in the sand and throw pebbles haha! 

We did manage to get some good shots though. 

The kids were adorable!!!! 

Once we went back inside and had a snack it was a little more calmer getting them all together.