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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

blink! it's August!

Umm July just flew by. 
Summer has been super fun! With events, beach days, soccer days and more! 
A little july recap in pics! 
Lots of dinner dates with these boys! 
Mr K loves loves loves salmon! He loves sashimi and he also loves grilled salmon. When he walks in the store we buy our meat/fish from, he immediately goes to the fish and wants to buy it all! Haha! 
One this about little K, is that he loves food. Avocados, salmon, steaks, blueberries are at the top of his list. This little 5 year old talks about food with a passion! 

We also went to the Honda Indy. Both boys loved it. 
We are in the last few weeks of soccer practice. Mr M is the coach. Fun but also exhausting haha. The kids love him. 

 Baby M wants to play too! He's the little helper, placing the pylons haha. 

Another summer tradition we have is going to the drive in. There's a little park there, the kids play before the movie. Then we get popcorn and snacks and her cozy in the trunk! 

 We are trying to get to the beach every week! Summers are short here so we must enjoy them! 



We are headed back to the beach this weekend! Lots of BBQ and sunshine! 

These cousins have so much fun together. 

And new baby A is almost a month old! 

Last weekend we had my cousins baby shower! She's having a boy! 

We are soo excited! 

 I went to the shower without my kids and it was a lovely afternoon vacation lunch haha

Catching up with the ladies was soo nice. Love these beautiful ladies! 

So much more summer fun to come. 

The kids are at summer camp during the day. 


Baby M is learning so much and so fast! Howwwww is he almost 2! 

These boys love each other so much 

 Happy August! 

Baby M's birthday is almost a week away!!!! 



Thursday, July 23, 2015

36 weeks and Some new things!

36 weeks! Today my OB appt went well. Although I have a lot of swelling on my left side! Doc told me to take it easy! 
I don't have much longer eeeeee could be any day now. Up to 4 weeks to go! Doc wants 38-39 weeks, Eee that's 2 weeks away!!! She also said to pay close attention to baby movements from now on. This little guy moves a lot! So I should be able to notice a decline.  Kristian wasn't as active. But I did notice a decline and that's when I went to the hospital and ended up getting induced! 

Little man starts jk in September so I wanted to make sure I organized most things for him before baby! Because we will all be soo busy. 

I'm going to be trying new lunch ideas since I'll be packing his daily lunches! 

Here are some new buys! 

We will try different foods daily that way I have a go to list of what works! 

I also bought a waffle maker. I'm going to try different waffles with fruit and chia seeds and see if the little man will enjoy that for breakfast or desserts! My sister in law does this for her girls and they love it. 

This week at little mans summer camp it was dino week. He had to show me the board with the pictures. How cute!! 

Although I'm slowing down a lot because I'm bigger and have swollen feet:( wears Trying to make summer as much fun as we can before baby brother arrives!! 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Summer camp fun!

Well, 1 day of fun so far. I'll get to that later on!

Monday was the beginning of summer camp!!! 

We had some tears in the morning. Little k told me to go to summer camp and he would go to work haha! I would gladly trade. 

But! He had an awsome day! 

He saw some old friends and met some new friends. 

Summer camp is broken up into 4 fun weeks! 

This week it's learning about different traditions from all over the world.

Next week it's all sports fun! 

Week 3 will be little K's favorite!!! Dinosaur week!!!

And the end of summer camp will be all about water fun and ice cream! 

I can't wait to hear his stories!

Although this week we only had 1 day so far at summer camp :( 

Yesterday after I dropped little k off at school,  I got a call an hour later saying he wasn't feeling well. 
Those pictures were at drop off. An hour later was very different. 

I picked him up and took him home. However, it was also the Mr's minor eye surgery yesterday too!!! 

So we had a crazy hectic day! 

Dropping off my husband at the hospital while I attended to little k throwing up in the car. Good thing a cousin lived close to the hospital and she was happy to have us drop by even tho we were not at our best! We spent a couple hours there while we waited for daddy. 

Our drive home was tough too. 2 sickies in the back seat. 

Stomach bug is no fun! Little k was such a trooper. In the car he would ask for the bag when he had to throw up. 

We spent the evening resting. We were all sooo exhausted! 

This morning I didn't feel so good and stayed home with my boys. We had a much needed relaxed day in to recover. 

Back to business tomorrow! Ha!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday we had the day off for Canada Day!! 

Our new neighborhood had a festival so we spent the afternoon walking around. 

Little k wanted to ride his bike and insists on wearing his dino helmet. Safety first! 

We had cotton candy and popcorn and watched a magic show! 

Haha of course he got so much attention from everyone around because of the helmet haha! Many people stopped to talk to him ha! 

After a late lunch we went to buy fireworks! 

Everyone on Our street was outside! We all put our fireworks together and had a great show! 

Little k met so many new kids! And some kids that will be in his new school September which is great! 

I talked to all the moms and heard about all the different summer camps in the area. Which is great to know for the future! 

Summer camp for my little guy starts monday!