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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Birthday and Halloween Fun

Little K's birthday is always a full weekend of fun because Halloween is right after! 

He was patiently waiting for his birthday. 
So adorable. 

He was soooo excited to have his birthday at a playland. And to top it off,  it was a costume theme! 

But first. I took Friday and Monday off to have a long weekend with my big boy! 

Friday my mom and I took him out for breakfast. He loved all the attention.
He told us that his heart was feeling happy and we just melted! He's one sweet 5 year old! 

Here are some great pics of his party. 

Mr K turns 5! 


 Baby bro had a blast too! 

Then we went home to open all his gifts
Which he absolutely loved! 

 After his super fun birthday. We had Halloween to think about! More fun! 
Carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds. 

Dressing up and trick-or-treating!


Baby M gave out candy with daddy. They had a blast ha! 

 And so did wee!

And here's a throw back to 5 years ago on his first Halloween.




Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween fun!

Camp spooky! 

We had a fun Halloween themed weekend! 

The kids went trick-or-treating at an amusement park.

How cute are they!

We went on some rides, saw a show and collected lots of candy! The kiddies had a blast! 

 After the fun day, 

We all went back to our house for dinner
The kids were pooped haha

Sunday we went to buy some Halloween decor. Little K wanted spooky.

Next weekend we will carve the pumpkins! We have 6 of them! Eek! 

We have many future events to begin planning! First one coming soon is little k's birthday! Planning is happening as we speak! 

Love these little boys soo much! 


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanksgiving long weekend!

The weather was perfect this weekend. We had a couple of fun events and ended our weekend with a yummy turkey made by moi!  

Little K was so excited for the weekend! 

The Mr picked him up early on Friday, and that was a perfect start to the long weekend! 

First thing Saturday we had little k's swimming lessons. 
He is loving this class. He is so cute, always asking to go first when trying new things. 

After swimming lessons we met up with family and friends at a pumpkin patch! 
This place was beautiful and so scenic! 


The kids had soo much fun! 
Playing on the hills, going in the boo barn and riding a pony!!


After a fun day out we ended the evening at a yummy restaurant. 
We are so proud of our kids. They love socializing and being out together with family and friends. They were having their own little conversation and asking each other what they will order. They had a blast! 

The family fun continued on Sunday. We had my grandmothers 85th birthday party! We love super Nonna soo much! 

The food was soo good at this restaurant! My grandparents were so happy to have everyone together celebrating. 

We got my grandma a Kate spade purse! 

Then came Monday! We were up early and everyone helped in the kitchen! 

 Our new family tradition! 

I'm so proud of my turkey haha! It was my first time, and it came out delicious! I made rice, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes,beans, corn cranberry sauce, gravy soo good! And Apple pie for dessert! 

We said our prayer before our lunch and we all said out loud what we were thankful for. Little k said he was thankful for his cousins, his family and friends, his toys, iPad, and water. Haha. We helped him extend his thanks to many other things and also praying for those in need.

 We are so thankful and blessed to have amazing friends and family. We had a great weekend full of love. Making great memories and new traditions. 

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours. 



Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wedding fun!

Last weekend we had a little mini getaway for my cousins wedding. 

Little k was excited to stay overnight In a hotel. 

The wedding was outdoors and the weather was perfect!

Baby M can't sit still so they went for a little walk with daddy. 

Love this picture so much. 

My beautiful sisters 

My beautiful family 

The kids had a blast, dancing and playing together. 

The kids were so good and they had so much fun! 

We danced the night away! 

How cute was this decor. 

Jam as the gift! How cute! 

It was so nice spend time with family.

The kids didn't want to leave the hotel!

The next morning we met with family and went for breakfast. 

A beautiful weekend with beautiful people.