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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter long weekend!!!

Soooo much to blog about!!!!! I'll blog gender ultrasound tomorrow!!!

Today it's all about Easter fun! 

Well it started off a little rough with a sick house haha. Everyone but Zoe had a cold. So Friday we had a family fun day indoors! 

So much fun!!! 

Saturday was my nieces birthday party! My sister went all out decorating a despicable me birthday!!

Heheeee sooo adorable!!! 

The kids had a blast together! They love eachother soooo much!!!! 
Easter egg hunt! 

Adults had fun too! Smile!!! All love!! 
The kids were pooped after the party haha so were the mama's!!! 

Today was Easter lunch at my grandparents home. A home that has opened doors! Even our friends come by to say happy Easter to my grandparents. They have always shown true family values, and not by empty words but only by actions. A house full of people, husbands, wives, grandkids, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends. No judgments, no hate. Just pure love, unconditional, forgiveness always and seeing the bigger picture of a united front. Little K being around this positive environment and people with genuine open hearts is one of the best things we are giving our children. 

A perfect Easter Sunday!!! 

And of course the whole family goes all out for Easter for the kids!!!! It's all about the kids happiness!! 

Easter egg hunt and gifts everywhere!! 

Little k loved it!!

Happy kiddies! Happy hyper kiddies that is hsha!! 

Hope you all had a safe and fun weekend!! 

Happy Easter from our growing family to yours! 

More weekend fun on the blog tomorrow!!!  ❤️

Thursday, April 02, 2015

20 weeks and so sick with the flu

Boo! I have a bad cold which has me in slowwwwmo! 

20 weeks! 

Size of a banana! 
Gender ultrasound this weekend!!! Yay!!!
Gender reveal party to follow! My friends and family are super excited!! 

This past weekend it was just baby k and I. Dh went away for his best friends bachelor party. They had an awesome time and they all have awesome tans! Jealous!!!

But little k and I had some visitors. And he was such a good little helper, helping me around the house and taking care of baby too! He's going to be an amazing big brother!!!

Love my little boy!!! 

This weekend we have so much planned!  I have a bad cold :( so I hope I get over it soon!!! It's easter weekend! Lots of celebrations with family! 

Ohh and how can u forget!!! My nieces birthday!!!! 2 years old today!!

Happy Easter!!!! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend fun!

We had a great Easter weekend. Spending it with family and lots of food and chocolate! 

Our weekend started Thursday night. Pizza dinner at a Italian restsurant. Ohhhhh this pizza was so soooool good! I can't wait to go back!

Friday we went to my inlaws for a yummy fish lunch! Getting together with everyone is always so much fun.  With a couple bottles of wine at the table and playing name that song ha! It was a lot of laughs. 

The ladies :) we had some kinda nice weather haha. 

Saturday we had a busy day. Running errands and doing house work. 
While we were out we stopped for some Colombian empanadas!!

Saturday night we had a quiet little family dinner at a restaurant in the area of our new home, we wanted to check out the area! 

And today! Easter Sunday!

Easter Egg Hunt! 

How cute are these two! 

My sister is soo sick with strep throat :( so she stayed home, but we did have little E at lunch and she loved playing with the big kids. 

Our growing family. 

It was also my grandfathers 80th birthday!! 

Hope you all had a great Easter!

We have wayyy too much chocolate here. Want some? 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! And 17 months old!

Happy Easter! Baby K had so much fun with his cousins today. We did a Easter egg hunt and boy did he bring home a lot of chocolate and gifts from the family.

Baby K is now 17 months old! My baby! You are growing sooo fast!

You are 20lbs! You are still in size 4 diapers and in 12-18 months clothes.

You sleep about 14 hours a day, usually 10-11 through the night straight and 1-2 naps during the day.

You have 10 teeth! And 2 more molars poking their way out!

You are speaking a lot more every day! saying 15 words we understand and a bunch of your own words in baby talk. Oh and can't forget when you repeat us, that's always shocking and funny to us.

You want to copy everything we do!
You catch on so quickly and amaze us everyday!

You are a sweet boy that loves hugging and kissing us but you also show your attitude when you don't get your way, Drama!

The weather is getting nicer and we are looking forward to taking you out to many places to explore.

You had a fun weekend running around to visit family and playing in the park.