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Monday, April 06, 2015

20 weeks Ultrasounds!

Yesterday morning we went for the 3D ultrasound to find out the Gender!!!! 

Little k was ready for business! 

Ohh it was the sweetest seeing our little miracle on the screen. Kicking, sucking their thumb, moving all around super active. 

I wanted to attach the video but I'm having trouble! ;( 

Little K was sooo interested. Asking questions, looking at the baby, telling the baby he loves her/him. 

We told the technician to write down the gender and seal it! I then brought that envelope to my sister!!! 

Hsha my little niece accepted the sealed note, she holds the secret in her little hands! 

We are having a Gender Reveal party with friends and family soon!!!!! Everyone is Soo excited! 

Hmm I kinda see girl!!??? 

Today I went to the doctors ultrasound and they did the same! I'll deliver the envelope tonight! We need too be 100% sure for the party ha!!

My love!!!!!!! Our family is so excited and we can't wait for August!!! 

Little k's 20 week ultrasound link below. 
They look the same hmmmmm boy???

Team pink or team blue!!!!!!!

Can't wait to finally put a name to our little one. 

Happy Monday friends! 

Thursday, April 02, 2015

20 weeks and so sick with the flu

Boo! I have a bad cold which has me in slowwwwmo! 

20 weeks! 

Size of a banana! 
Gender ultrasound this weekend!!! Yay!!!
Gender reveal party to follow! My friends and family are super excited!! 

This past weekend it was just baby k and I. Dh went away for his best friends bachelor party. They had an awesome time and they all have awesome tans! Jealous!!!

But little k and I had some visitors. And he was such a good little helper, helping me around the house and taking care of baby too! He's going to be an amazing big brother!!!

Love my little boy!!! 

This weekend we have so much planned!  I have a bad cold :( so I hope I get over it soon!!! It's easter weekend! Lots of celebrations with family! 

Ohh and how can u forget!!! My nieces birthday!!!! 2 years old today!!

Happy Easter!!!! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

My 20 week ultrasound

Look at baby K! Today I went for my 20 week ultrasound. It was the same one as last week, but last week baby K wasn't cooperating, he was turned over and the technician couldn't get pics of his heart so she made me come back today.  It was so nice seeing him swim around and move his lips. So cute. 20 more weeks to go!

Last week I ordered some things from  I ordered from
I will get Kristian's name on the hat.
 And his initial on a cute onesie :)
I've been thinking a lot about the nursery and I have a lot of ideas for it so I can't wait to get started on that!

I haven't been in the mood for any meat lately, so tonight I made a veggie rice dish. Lots of broccoli and brussel sprouts and peas :) If you have any good veggie dishes send them my way :)

My sister just texted me saying she bought cake mix and icing so this weekend we're going to make cake pops! I'll let you know how they turn out! YUM!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

20 weeks preggo and wedding weekend :)

This week!
How Far Along: 20 weeks! Half way there!
Size of baby: A Banana!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14lbs
Movement: At yesterdays wedding I felt the baby moving so much to the music!
Sleep: Why do I end up on my back? Ouch! I even had my first Braxton Hicks contraction when turning from one side to another last week. Ouch!
What I'm looking forward to: Decorating the nursery can't wait!
What I miss: Nothing! 

Yesterday we had a cousins wedding. It was interesting trying to find a dress. I bought 2 and tried them on with my sister and SIL and I decided to go with a dress I bought at H & M.
The wedding was beautiful and it's always fun getting together with the family. 

Here are some pics of our fun.
Bride and Groom

Sisters and nieces  :)

Husband showing my niece the trees

My family :)

Grandma having a blast at the reception
Family :)
Cake pops! i ate soo many! haha!