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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Birthday fun! 

MrK turned 6!

The great thing about having your birthday close to Halloween is that all the party stores are open till midnight! So I went the night before after the kids were asleep to  get birthday balloon to be a surprise in the morning!

I love putting together the year pics of the kids growing up. I can’t believe this little boy is already 6! I know I say that every year. The years do go by fast it seems!
He was sooo excited to have a Ninja warrior party!
What are you into these days MrK? Yup ninjas, ninjago, Pretty much every kind of toy, but definitely things like putty and slime! You love telling stories and listening to stories. Especially scary stories. You love learning about the solar system and you are always asking questions about the world and everything in it! You are growing up so fast and maturing too. You love to help and be part of every conversation. Asking questions and gathering information haha You remember EVERYTHING! You bring up memories that even I have to think twice to remember. You are loving grade 1 and adjusted so well. You still love sushi! It’s still your number 1 restaurant choice. Followed by steak and your veggies. You love your broccoli and buluesberries. You always want us to buy and try new meats or fish you see at the butcher. Mommy isn’t ready to cook those things haha.

How cool was your party! Your friends and cousins had a blast!

Haha little brother was trying to do flips!

Mmm and your cake was sooo yummy!! Chocolate and vanilla goodness!

Happy birthday Mr K!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Baby M is 2! 

How can this sweet boy be 2 years old already! It brings tears to my eyes. How fast these 2 years have gone by! He has brought so much fun, laughter and craziness to our family haha. Strong willed Mr independent 2 year old with the kindest heart, best smile and laugh and the best cuddle bug around! 

Mikey! You are in size 2T and size 5 diapers. 

You keep asking to be potty trained haha by bringing us to the bathroom so you can sit and pretend to pee ha! 

You say a lot these days and make sure we listen. 

You are super friendly, screaming hello to everyone you see.

You try and boss your big bro around but mostly love to make him laugh by being a silly little brother. 

Your favorite word is NO and we all get a kick asking you all sorts of questions that you will say NO to. 

You loveee to eat! And you alwats have  food in your mouth and hands! 

You have sooooo much energy, mommy gets tired keeping up! 

We love you soo much!!! 

You and your brother at 2 years old haha love side by sides! 

Well the weekend was also my birthday And my moms too! 

Grandma watched the kids while the Mr and I went out for dinner and jazz night!

I love this selfie. Haha real life with a 2 year old! Pick me up mama! :) 

We all had a blast for our birthdays! 

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Birthday and Halloween Fun

Little K's birthday is always a full weekend of fun because Halloween is right after! 

He was patiently waiting for his birthday. 
So adorable. 

He was soooo excited to have his birthday at a playland. And to top it off,  it was a costume theme! 

But first. I took Friday and Monday off to have a long weekend with my big boy! 

Friday my mom and I took him out for breakfast. He loved all the attention.
He told us that his heart was feeling happy and we just melted! He's one sweet 5 year old! 

Here are some great pics of his party. 

Mr K turns 5! 


 Baby bro had a blast too! 

Then we went home to open all his gifts
Which he absolutely loved! 

 After his super fun birthday. We had Halloween to think about! More fun! 
Carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds. 

Dressing up and trick-or-treating!


Baby M gave out candy with daddy. They had a blast ha! 

 And so did wee!

And here's a throw back to 5 years ago on his first Halloween.




Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First tooth and birthday fun!

Guess who got their first tooth!!

Baby am got his first bottom tooth! 
He's been a little under the weather fighting ear infections for a couple weeks :(

Over the weekend baby M's godparents to be came over for sushi dinner! 
Big bros favorite! 
Isn't big bro Soo handsome with his new haircut! 
We had a fun evening eating, talking and playing. Even zoe wanted in! 

Then Monday was daddy's birthday!!!!

Baby M was so sick on Monday so we had dinner and cake at home! Little k was excited to have a birthday dinner and cake for his daddy! 

Cheers to another year! 
(Cranberry juice for the little of course haha) 

It was also my beautiful niece's birthday!!! She turned 15!!! She's celebrating her quinceanera! She's so excited for her big party! 

The weather isn't the greatest today. Baby m and I managed to get to some stores this morning. But it's s blizzard out there! 
Drive safe friends!