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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Birthday and Halloween Fun

Little K's birthday is always a full weekend of fun because Halloween is right after! 

He was patiently waiting for his birthday. 
So adorable. 

He was soooo excited to have his birthday at a playland. And to top it off,  it was a costume theme! 

But first. I took Friday and Monday off to have a long weekend with my big boy! 

Friday my mom and I took him out for breakfast. He loved all the attention.
He told us that his heart was feeling happy and we just melted! He's one sweet 5 year old! 

Here are some great pics of his party. 

Mr K turns 5! 


 Baby bro had a blast too! 

Then we went home to open all his gifts
Which he absolutely loved! 

 After his super fun birthday. We had Halloween to think about! More fun! 
Carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds. 

Dressing up and trick-or-treating!


Baby M gave out candy with daddy. They had a blast ha! 

 And so did wee!

And here's a throw back to 5 years ago on his first Halloween.




Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First tooth and birthday fun!

Guess who got their first tooth!!

Baby am got his first bottom tooth! 
He's been a little under the weather fighting ear infections for a couple weeks :(

Over the weekend baby M's godparents to be came over for sushi dinner! 
Big bros favorite! 
Isn't big bro Soo handsome with his new haircut! 
We had a fun evening eating, talking and playing. Even zoe wanted in! 

Then Monday was daddy's birthday!!!!

Baby M was so sick on Monday so we had dinner and cake at home! Little k was excited to have a birthday dinner and cake for his daddy! 

Cheers to another year! 
(Cranberry juice for the little of course haha) 

It was also my beautiful niece's birthday!!! She turned 15!!! She's celebrating her quinceanera! She's so excited for her big party! 

The weather isn't the greatest today. Baby m and I managed to get to some stores this morning. But it's s blizzard out there! 
Drive safe friends! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Birthday Fun!

Little K was asking if it was his birthday everyday since October 1st ha! 
Finally his birthday was here! And he had a blast!!!

On the day of his birthday I sent a puzzle game to school for the class to enjoy instead of individual loot bags. 

Which was a big hit with his classmates 

My mom came over to surprise Kris after school. It was so cute. He ran out of school so happy to see grandma.

 That evening we had a quiet evening in.
We ordered dinner from our favorite italian restuarant and had a small cake.

Because Friday night was his big birthday party! 

2 hours of fun! 

We had his party at a playground. And it was perfect for the kids! They all had a blast!! 

Transformer birthday party!! 

The kids had 2 hours of fun together. 

The funniest part of the party was when we sang happy birthday. Kris and his friends started licking all the icing haha! 

Kris was Soo happy and loved that his friends had a great time! 

Transformer birthday success! 

My nieces came over afterwards to help open gifts haha! Kristian loves all the transformers and has been playing with them none stop all weekend! 

This is definitely a birthday he will never forget! 

My big boy is 4!! 

Oh and here is his 4 year old interview.

Ha!! He is hilarious! 

Halloween post to come!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Little K's Birthday!

4 years old... 4.. I can't even believe it as I write it!

I was just reading your 3 year old blog post...

And you are still the same sweet, strong, funny little boy, just older!

From the day you were born your personality of being a strong willed little human was so apparent.
As everyday goes by, and every year that passes you grow into yourself and so many of your characteristics shine through!

You LOVE to make everyone laugh! You constantly say funny things or make funny faces or act silly to get us to laugh, your cousins LOVE You for that too!

You are a bright happy little boy. That brings smiles to everyone!

You will ask everyone if they are happy. If we say we are not happy for any reason, you will let us know to STOP THAT and tell us TO BE HAPPY! haha. How can we not be happy with your big energy around us!

Mommy and Daddy talk about you all the time! Sharing your funny stories or hilarious videos you make.

You are a smart driven 4 year old with big emotions. You know what you want and make decisions that are good for you. AT 4! some of us adults can't even do that haha! We will always be right here for you to guide you and help you grow into your best self.

I LOVE that you know what you want, even when we try to convince you into doing something WE want you to do. You will fight and fight until you get your way. I hope this very attitude stays with you forever... At 4 you live your authentic self! One example of that, is your hair. Mommy wants to cut your hair SHORT. You do not agree, you want your curls long and messy  as you tell us. haha! I styled your hair for your school pictures and by the time the picture were taken, your hair was "messy" as you like it. Which was perfect for your portrait because that is YOU AT 4! And the cutest!!
Even your teachers say that you are like a little man at school :)

This year you became a big brother And had no problem transitioning into that roll. You love your baby brother and can't wait for him to interact with you.  I am sure you will be the boss. sorry Michael haha. You love taking on that role with us and telling us what to do haha!

You follow rules, well the ones you want to follow. You will get very heated if something didn't happen the way it's suppose to be (your words). Or if you wore your indoor shoes outside. OH BOY we had a couple of those meltdowns. When I tried to calm you down and tell you that it was OK to wear the indoor  shoes outdoors, you looked at me with a very serious face and yelled, NO IT IS NOT OK!

You surprise us all the time! You are always listening! Even when we think you aren't. Your memory is sharp and you memorize things we didn't even know you were paying attention to.

You are a mini us, we see soo much of ourselves in you.

WE are sooo blessed to be your parents! We love you sooo much!

*** AT 4 ***
You love Dinosaurs, Transformers and Power Rangers
You love Junior Kindergarden
You love to race with us, but you need to win.
You love to shop. ha! sorry daddy.
You love watching movies like Jurassic Park, Walking with dinosaurs and any Superhero youtube videos or movie. You have never really been into cartoons. Oh and you love pretending to be Predator. Thanks daddy. ha!
You love to make your own videos and I find hilarious ones of you on my phone daily.
You love the bedtime books, The kissing hand, Naming dinosaurs and Wherever you are my love will find you.
You say your prayers every night and pray for all your family and friends.
You learned to chew gum and you are obsessed with it haha.
You are still a very good eater. You love your fruits and veggies and these days eat every type of meat.You are still not that into milk or bread.
Your favorite fruits are still blueberries and avocados.

I can go on and on!!!!!

Happy Birthday my little boy!!!!