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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Happy new year friends! 

I always write out my goals the beginning of the year, every year! I'll blog about that next time! House things, family things, money things, health things!  Pretty sure we have the same goals in mind. It's time to restart these goals!

This year we hosted New Year's Eve at our place. 

Great family, great food, great night! 

The ladies! 
 My little family
 Cousin love! 



As you can see, we had a lot of fun haha! 

Of course when there's drinking, no one drives! Unless there's a DD! 

So the littles were super excited for a sleep over! They were up early running through the house giggling and playing. 

 The next few days into the new year we had a lot of quality family time. The perfect start to the new year.

Lots of movie time! 

Some outdoor fun! 


Some indoor fun! 

Happy New Year friends! And hey! Kim K just posted for the first time after being offline for 3 months. So it's going to be a great year haha! (Some light humor :)


Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year's Eve fun!

Happy new year everyone! 

This year we had a small party at our place. 

I tried to make a photo booth area ha! 
My sister and sister in law ️brought some props.

The best part of the night was our lip syncing contest. We watch jimmy Fallon all the time and think the lip syncing is just hilarious! So each couple had to perform. Ha! This had us laughing all night. 

We won the contest. Not because we wee great lip singers but because little k was sooo upset while we performed he was running around us trying to get us to stop. Haha! 

The kids had a blast! And loved that they were having a sleep over! 

We put the 3 little's to bed together. They giggled and giggled and fell asleep. They were ️adorable! 

At 3am we were the only ones left standing ha! 

My brother and sister slept over so the kids loved waking up to have breakfast together.

It was so nice having everyone together. 

We made a big breakfast! 

We are ready for 2016!! Tonight I'll be writing out my 2016 goals!!