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Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year's Eve fun!

Happy new year everyone! 

This year we had a small party at our place. 

I tried to make a photo booth area ha! 
My sister and sister in law ️brought some props.

The best part of the night was our lip syncing contest. We watch jimmy Fallon all the time and think the lip syncing is just hilarious! So each couple had to perform. Ha! This had us laughing all night. 

We won the contest. Not because we wee great lip singers but because little k was sooo upset while we performed he was running around us trying to get us to stop. Haha! 

The kids had a blast! And loved that they were having a sleep over! 

We put the 3 little's to bed together. They giggled and giggled and fell asleep. They were ️adorable! 

At 3am we were the only ones left standing ha! 

My brother and sister slept over so the kids loved waking up to have breakfast together.

It was so nice having everyone together. 

We made a big breakfast! 

We are ready for 2016!! Tonight I'll be writing out my 2016 goals!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gender Reveal Party!!!!

Finally!!!! Feel like I've been talking about this forever!!!

Well 2 weeks felt like forever since the day I delivered the envelope with the gender written in it to my sister!!! I've been guessing ever since! 

Friday night I shopped for the party, sporting my guess. Team blue ha! 

Then the party! See many pics below! 

We had a few games for the guests. We also had a door prize for 1 winner. They had to bring a pack of diapers to get a raffle ticket! Loved that idea! And love that I'm now stocked up! Thanks everyone!! 

The ladies had a blast! Just a fun light afternoon with amazing women! 

Oh and the kids had a blast being together all day. 

Then it was time!!!!! My husband went out to lunch with the guys so we facetimed him when it was time to reveal the gender!!! 

My sister and sister inlaw planned a great event! And it was perfect!!!! They rolled out a big box for me to open. 

Ahhhh and my gut was right all along!!!! Team blue for the win!!!!! Whew haha I would have felt terrible if I was wrong. 

Ha! Little k's face. He was upset that everyone was yelling, not that he's getting a baby brother haha!

Talking with my husband, he was on team blue since day one ha! 

My heart melts!! Tiny little hats!! Ohh brings me right back to the birth of little k! 

We are soo happy and excited! I'm also happy that I have everything from little k. Ha! I have only a short list of items we need! 

When my husband came back with the rest of the guys, the party continued! Music, food, fun! A celebration! I can continue using my hashtag #boymom !!! 

2 boys. Whoa. I'm still so overwhelmed with excitement! Making a party to find out the gender with loving family and friends all around is by far the best way to celebrate finding out! So much fun! 

Soon we will be a family of 4!!!! ♥️

Monday, November 05, 2012

Baby's First Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

 Kristian's second first birthday party!!! First birthday party here

 Mickey Mouse theme. :)

4445I bought the banner and loot bags on :)

 Kristian loved his party with his family and friends. He loved playing and eating pizza and cake! Party food is the best haha!

 I still can't believe his birthday has come and gone! It was yesterday I brought you home!!!!!

We are blessed with amazing family and friends. We love you all so much! Kristian had an amazing first birthday and will have these great memories forever.

 You had the sniffles this weekend and wasn't feeling your best, but you did not let that stop you from having fun!

My cutie! Turning into a big boy! We love you more than anything!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun weekend, lots of parties!

This past week and weekend was full of birthdays and other events.

Wednesday was my husbands 33rd bday and my niece's 11th birthday.

Friday the guys had a stag so I had some girls over for a fun night in. We were singing, dancing and eating! Ha!

Then Saturday we had a baby shower and my niece's birthday party.

And Sunday my bff's son's 1st birthday!

Baby K was soo good being so busy, he loved being around so many people but was also pooped. He even has been sleeping 5 hour stretches since Friday! Whoohoo!

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My New Healthy Items

Over the weekend I went to the apple farm to buy their delicious fresh apple pies. While I was there I bought their homemade apple raspberry jam! It tastes great! So far I found a BF that I love and has been working so far! 1 piece of multi grain toast with all natural peanut butter and jam sprinkled with chia seeds! (chia seeds are very high in fibre and omega 3's) I add them to my salads too.

Over a year ago on a trip to the Dominican Republic I bought a couple bottles of coconut oil to cook with and use on my body. Those bottle were over with months ago. On twitter I follow @joyoushealth and she is always talking about the health benefits of Coconut Oil. So I bought Coconut butter and oil! I can't wait to cook with it, and lather my skin with it! :)
It smells sooooooooooooooooooo good!

Have you bought some new healthy products lately???

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sushi Party!

Sushi Platters! Yesterday night we had a bday gathering for my husband. We ordered 2 platters of Sushi and had samosas and spring rolls. They were all a big hit! :)

Love hosting parties can't wait to host the next!

Me and my sister. She baked for us below :)Cookies from Amanda's Cookies 4 Hope. If you are in the Toronto Area, Check out her site!
FUN! We had a great time :)

Even Zoe is pooped too!

With only 5 hours of sleep, I woke up, cleaned up then we went for a much needed Breakfast at Cora's :)

I just realized that tomorrow is March 1st and I still have 8lbs to lose by April 1st. I have been eating way to much, and altho I am working out, I am just maintaining and not dropping any weight!

Neeed to be more strict!.... 2mrw ;)

It's hockey time now CANADA Vs USA!