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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Date night!

Saturday night was date night!!

Ohh how I've been missing those! We haven't had s date night since baby M was born. So I was soo looking forward to an evening out! 

I took a couple hours to get ready! I did my hair with the curl pro and makeup and was ready to go! 

Pre-pregnancy dress! Whooo!

We dropped off the kids then headed downtown! 

The restaurant was soo good! This was the second time for us. We went to this restaurant for my birthday 2 years ago! 
I love how they make the Caesar salad in front of you. 

Soo good! 

Wine of course. 

We shared a 25oz steak! Soo good! 
With sides of mushroom, rapini, and duck fat Fries! 

We sat in the piano lounge so we had a very romantic dinner. 

And I love how they give muffins to go! 

We had a great night out. 

And the kids had a blast with grandma! 

Now I'm soo looking forward to our next date night!! 

Monday, January 04, 2016

New year goal setting

It's that time again! Beginning of a new year! Perfect time to reflect on the past year and make goals for the new year ahead. The husband and I re-write our goals every year. From personal growth, family, healthy living, career and financial goals. 

Some goals for this year and in no particular order, are:

Being a better mother. There's always improvement in this job ha! I always feel I could do more or do things different. I want to raise respectful independent boys with big hearts full of love. I want to show them so many things! Every night I go to bed thinking about how I could be better the next day. 

Just love these boys Sooo much! 

2016 here will be about healthy! Healthy living! Healthy eating! For all of us!

Baby M is now on solids and im soo excited to make his baby food. Big brother loves a wide range of foods and I hope that baby M follows in those same footsteps. So introducing superfoods at an early stage to help ensure he loves the taste of healthy! 

Small changes. We are not making big changes to diet or anything. But instead small changes that are easy to apply and therefore becomes part of our lifestyle. ---- Juicing every weekend
- using our pressure cooker for many meals (blog post on this soon) make healthy meals quick and easy and one pot clean up which is great being a mom of 2! Like this chicken soup in 30mins that the whole family loved! 

-30min workouts twice a week 
- drink more green tea less coffee 
-cooking with coconut oil 
-exfoliate and moisturize daily 
-drink more water 

Just a few things we are doing to get healthy! 

Other goals include going to church with the kids more often. Giving back more. Being less wasteful. Conserving energy. Saving more. Traveling more. Making a vision board for our future. My list goes on and on ha. 

Little K is understanding the concept of money more and more. From very early on I would talk to him about money and saving in his piggy bank and how much things cost when we purchase. Lately he's been asking more questions about it. So a new thing we are doing is having him put money he gets into his piggybank. Then making him choose between toys that he wants and purchasing them with the money he saved. We were amazed to see how he was going back and forth trying to decide which of the 3 toys he wanted, and choosing one and knowing he will pay for it himself. Ha! Little k has financial goals. 

But that's a lesson for all of us too. 

What are your 2016 goals!? 

Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year's Eve fun!

Happy new year everyone! 

This year we had a small party at our place. 

I tried to make a photo booth area ha! 
My sister and sister in law ️brought some props.

The best part of the night was our lip syncing contest. We watch jimmy Fallon all the time and think the lip syncing is just hilarious! So each couple had to perform. Ha! This had us laughing all night. 

We won the contest. Not because we wee great lip singers but because little k was sooo upset while we performed he was running around us trying to get us to stop. Haha! 

The kids had a blast! And loved that they were having a sleep over! 

We put the 3 little's to bed together. They giggled and giggled and fell asleep. They were ️adorable! 

At 3am we were the only ones left standing ha! 

My brother and sister slept over so the kids loved waking up to have breakfast together.

It was so nice having everyone together. 

We made a big breakfast! 

We are ready for 2016!! Tonight I'll be writing out my 2016 goals!!