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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Burr it's cold outside!

Ok we can't really complain that much. We've had a pretty mild winter, but burrrrr today it's freezing!!! 

Mardi Gras carnival event at school this week. Did you have these events at school when you were young? I remember begging my mom for money for a croissant and hot chocolate ha! Playing fun games in the school yard too. It was fun, little k will enjoy it too!

Tomorrow he will bring some Valentine's Day treats to school! We put them together yesterday. 
Some pinterest ideas for the teachers too. Gift card for coffee/donut.
I wrote in the card: 

Donut I'd do without a teacher like you! 

Ha cute huh. 

Baby M has his first ear infection. :( 
We are all too familar with these! Little k had bad ear infections his first 3 years and since the tubes were placed in his ears he hasn't had one since!

I hope baby M doesn't get these often, they are Soo painful. Especially when the  pressure causes a hole in the eardrum for release :( we are on antibiotics for 10 days. 

Sunday he will be 6 months! Second child just rushes through all stages Huh! He's already trying to lift to sitting position and he can almost crawl too! 

He is such a sweet baby with a happy calm personality! 

Ha! New sunglasses for our upcoming trip.

This weekend is also family day long weekend! 
We have some family fun planned! 

Have a great weekend friends! 

Oh! Just noticed I didn't blog about super bowl sunday! Did you have a party for the game? We do every year. Just a small get together to watch and enjoy some yummy food!

This year I made ribs and chilli dogs! My sister made the pizza. Mm mm! They were a big hit for a fun evening! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ear infection superbug! Huh?

Little K had been trying to fight this ear infection that keeps hanging around! He has had 4 rounds of antibiotics. This weekend his fever spiked to 104 and was staying between 100-102 with tylenol.

I emailed his doctor and spoke to telehealth. Both suggested I see the doc Monday. Yesterday we saw our doc. He said we would need to do 3 days of 2 antibiotic injections to zap this bacteria. We are praying this works!!!

I am so worried and have been a mess the last couple days.

We are going this afternoon for the second round of shots. Then tomorrow another 2. And hopefully the infection will be gone.

I've also been reading up a lot about natural remedies. We will make sure we are adding probiotics to our diets to get the good bacteria back in his system and mine too! Adding lots of foods with vitamin C, lots of garlic and lots of other healthy foods in our diets to boost immunity.

The past 2 months have been crazy here with the flus.

How are you getting through this flu season??

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Learning to walk! Big boy!

My little guy is learning to walk! Last month he started with only 2 steps and every week he adds a few more! Yesterday he took 8-10 steps before falling and crawling haha.

These days he is soo adorable copying everything we do. The cutest thing is when we tell him to close his eyes and he will squeeze them shut and laugh.

We were home the beginning of the week because he is sick with a ear infection. He is doing much better. Yesterday when I dropped him off he kissed me and said bye. The cutest is when I pick him up, right away he says bye to his friends haha it always cracks me up!

Today was bring your favorite toy to daycare so he brought his dancing Mickey! Haha! I was the only mom that remembered. Gold star for me! Ha!

He is getting to be such a big boy!!! Where is the time going!!! Where is my baby!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's been kookoo for cocoa puffs around here

Haha I always say that! I Really do feel like I'm kookoo these days.

My sweet little guy is still sick ;( his ear infection isn't gone yet, and after the first round of antibiotics I thought he would be better, then a week went by and he seemed to be getting worse!

He had a fever all day yesterday and I decided to work from home today and bring him to the doctor. His ear infection is back or never left and he is now on his second round of antibiotics.

I'll work from home tomorrow too. I want him back to his fun little self again!!!

Trying to find work life balance is so hard with a little one. Especially these days when they are sick and need you.
It's sooo hard! I can't send him to daycare like this. He needs all day cuddles!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Colds, Ear infection, hospital. My busy week!

This is my last week, well down to last Friday tomorrow of my maternity leave. It's back to work Monday! :(

This week has been soo busy!

My mom had day surgery yesterday and stayed over night. I brought her in and stayed with her for a bit yesterday then stayed with her all day today too. I have a cough that is driving me crazy! The hospital has big signs saying to not even enter if you are sick... hmm but it's a hospital weird ha! But I followed their rules and wore a mask... ummm I was the only one! And everyone looked at me funny. But the air in the hospital was sooo dry that it had me coughing soo much! Ugh!


I brought my mom some magazines and a warm scarf which she loved. Everything went well with her surgery and she is back home today.

I dropped her off about 4pm today then headed to get baby K at daycare.

We have all been fighting a cold here and this morning I thought that I better bring Kris to the doctor before I go back to work! So after I picked him up from daycare we went to the doctor. Kris was cranky and in no mood to be there. Neither was I! I was soo tired and hungry from running around all day! I told the doctor that he had been stuffy for about 9 days! He took a look and said that he has a ear infection. Because he was stuffy for so long and hasn't been able to blow it out, it infected his ear. He faxed the pharmacy the prescription and I went down to pick it up. It took about 10 minutes thank goodness no longer, carrying the baby, his jacket my purse and diaper bag I was completly exhausted. Then we rushed home for dinner, both of us were starving!

So glad I am home now in my pj's relaxing. What a day!

Daycare update: Kris did really well today, they even got him to drink 4oz of milk and 1 whole yogurt! He ate all his lunch and all his snacks as usual haha. His teachers always mention how he loves to eat haha. When I walked in today he was crawling around, I watched for a bit until he noticed me and he got so excited and cried until I picked him up.

Yesterday he got back his proofs from picture day. Look how cute!!!! He looks like such a big boy! How did they get him to pose so well hahaha :)