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Monday, April 20, 2015

Gender Reveal Party!!!!

Finally!!!! Feel like I've been talking about this forever!!!

Well 2 weeks felt like forever since the day I delivered the envelope with the gender written in it to my sister!!! I've been guessing ever since! 

Friday night I shopped for the party, sporting my guess. Team blue ha! 

Then the party! See many pics below! 

We had a few games for the guests. We also had a door prize for 1 winner. They had to bring a pack of diapers to get a raffle ticket! Loved that idea! And love that I'm now stocked up! Thanks everyone!! 

The ladies had a blast! Just a fun light afternoon with amazing women! 

Oh and the kids had a blast being together all day. 

Then it was time!!!!! My husband went out to lunch with the guys so we facetimed him when it was time to reveal the gender!!! 

My sister and sister inlaw planned a great event! And it was perfect!!!! They rolled out a big box for me to open. 

Ahhhh and my gut was right all along!!!! Team blue for the win!!!!! Whew haha I would have felt terrible if I was wrong. 

Ha! Little k's face. He was upset that everyone was yelling, not that he's getting a baby brother haha!

Talking with my husband, he was on team blue since day one ha! 

My heart melts!! Tiny little hats!! Ohh brings me right back to the birth of little k! 

We are soo happy and excited! I'm also happy that I have everything from little k. Ha! I have only a short list of items we need! 

When my husband came back with the rest of the guys, the party continued! Music, food, fun! A celebration! I can continue using my hashtag #boymom !!! 

2 boys. Whoa. I'm still so overwhelmed with excitement! Making a party to find out the gender with loving family and friends all around is by far the best way to celebrate finding out! So much fun! 

Soon we will be a family of 4!!!! ♥️

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Almost 22 weeks!

I feel like the days are flying by! 

There's a little human inside of me! Growing! Moving around in there, it's the best feeling ever. The miracle of life! 

Little k asks questions about the baby, and talks about the baby all the time.  We can't wait to find out if he's getting a baby brother or sister! 

(Kissing the baby) 

I've been sick with a cold for 2 weeks!!!! Today I finally feel better than the rest of those sick days. I'm still so stuffy and coughing but getting better ever so slowly!!

Yesterday I saw my OB and she reassured me that everything is looking great! She also gave me the ok to fly! So finally we will book our vacation before baby!!! Yay!!! 

Today was a beautiful spring day! We had to get out there and enjoy it! 

We went for a nice evening walk! 

So much fun!!! Of course these boys were exploring everything! 

Tonight while the little sleeps and the husband watches a movie, I'm organizing loot bags for the gender reveal party! 

We are soooo excited! Friends and family message me daily about the upcoming party. Getting together with loved ones to share great news is so much fun and everyone is looking forward to it!! 

More to come! 

Have a great week friends! 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

22 week doctors appointment was great!

Today I had an appointment with the OB. She told me my results were perfect! She also measured my belly and said it's the perfect size! I'm a happy momma! I left there feeling great!

She also told me I could sleep anyway I want, and if I'm most comfortable on my back then so be it! The back it will be! :)

My weigh in today brings me to a 21 lbs gain.  It's funny because I can actually say this is the first time in my life that I actually LOVE my body. I joke about the weight gain and the stretch marks ain't pretty... But I honestly don't care at all! As long as doctor says I'm healthy I'm totally embracing this pregnancy and it's such a gift! I'm soo happy to be experiencing all of it!  (haha i know most mamas are saying "oh wait till the 9th month haha, and I'm sure I'll be laughing trying to lose all the weight later ;) ) But you know what I mean! For once I'm wearing tight tops showing off a growing belly and I love it!

At the OB office there were soo many preggos dressed soo cute for the summer, Big, small all sizes of bellies with the cutest outfits.

While I was out today I went to see some swings at Toys R us. I've been going crazy deciding on one. All moms have different opinions on them.

So I finally decided on this one! It's a 2 in 1. Swing and bouncer! It has good reviews and has a bunch of features I was looking for :)

I also am trying to add more fruit and veggies to my diet. The last couple weeks I've been eating everything but those!

So yesterday I went to a local farmers market and bought cherries, peaches and cucumbers. They are yummy!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

22 weeks pregnant today!

This week!
How Far Along: 22 weeks! (127 days to go!)
Size of baby: Spaghetti Squash (Baby is 1 lbs!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: haven't weighed myself, kinda scared to I ate a lot this week ha! (last week was 17lbs gain)
Maternity Clothes: A mix,  my outfit in the pic above are normal large clothes, top from winners pants from H&M
Sleep: Not too great this week, tossing and turning a lot :(
Cravings: Everything! and more sweet stuff!

Best Moment so far: Husband telling me I'm a cute preggo, and that i've only gained in my belly, he is sweet and knows how to make me smile haha.
What I'm looking forward to? meeting baby Kristian, i get big butterflies, I'm soo excited to be a mom!
What I miss: Nothing! well maybe bending down hahaha!

Some new items: haven't shopped this week. But check out my nursery and stroller ideas!

 Hope you all have a fun and safe long weekend!