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Thursday, August 04, 2011

26 week pregnancy Glucose test

Ha! I don't look so thrilled huh. Yesterday was my glucose test. I had to fast for this test so imagine a hungry tired preggo having to spend her morning at a lab was not fun at all. I wasn't sure what to expect with this test so my husband came with me just in case!

The lab techs were to first take my blood before I drank the glucose (orange pop thing) But they didn't, they just gave me the pop to drink within 5 minutes, only after I drank it did they realize they should have taken my blood before as well. So now I will need to go back for that one. After I drank the orange pop, I had to sit there for 1 hour, then they took blood.  They are checking to see how my body processes sugar. Glad part of the test is over with. Wasn't too bad.

Last week I ordered some things on Etsy and look what came in the mail yesterday! Hopefully baby K will like wearing hats because he has so many already ha!
Yesterday evening Zoe was at the backyard door pacing around and meowing. I went to look and saw a family of raccoons in our backyard! yikes! They were going in and out of the garden, hope they don't live there... but they are kinda cute tho haha!