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Thursday, August 04, 2011

26 week pregnancy Glucose test

Ha! I don't look so thrilled huh. Yesterday was my glucose test. I had to fast for this test so imagine a hungry tired preggo having to spend her morning at a lab was not fun at all. I wasn't sure what to expect with this test so my husband came with me just in case!

The lab techs were to first take my blood before I drank the glucose (orange pop thing) But they didn't, they just gave me the pop to drink within 5 minutes, only after I drank it did they realize they should have taken my blood before as well. So now I will need to go back for that one. After I drank the orange pop, I had to sit there for 1 hour, then they took blood.  They are checking to see how my body processes sugar. Glad part of the test is over with. Wasn't too bad.

Last week I ordered some things on Etsy and look what came in the mail yesterday! Hopefully baby K will like wearing hats because he has so many already ha!
Yesterday evening Zoe was at the backyard door pacing around and meowing. I went to look and saw a family of raccoons in our backyard! yikes! They were going in and out of the garden, hope they don't live there... but they are kinda cute tho haha!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

26 week OB appointment...

This morning I had an appointment with the OB. She took the measurement of my belly and felt around and said the baby is growing perfectly. Great to hear! We also heard his heartbeat, it was 144 bpm :) The secretary told me my Iron was a tad bit low, but still ok,  my OB wasn't concerned. My OB is very nice and helpful, but I always feel like I need more time with her, more time to ask a gazillion questions ha!

I asked if I should monitor movement, she just told me as long as I feel him a couple times a day I'm ok. If I don't feel anything for a whole day then I should be concerned.

I still took one of her charts she had in the office.  The sheet says, After 28 weeks, at least once a day you should feel at least 6 or more movements within 2 hours. So I'll still do this later on, doesn't hurt!

I also asked her about the lower pressure I feel and she said it's totally normal. The length of my cervix is 4cm which is good and not to worry. (I'm learning sooo much during this pregnancy, it's funny how there are soo many things I never thought about or even knew about our body)

Today is another HOT HUMID day. I went quickly to the farmers market this afternoon to stock up on fruits and veggies. I got some blueberries too. Can't wait to munch on these!

Friday, July 29, 2011

26 weeks pregnant today!

 This week!
How Far Along: 26 weeks! Ummm 98 days to go!
Size of baby: 1.9lbs size of an eggplant!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 23lbs

Movement: A lot more! and seems he is most active at midnight! ha!
Cravings: Still I'm obsessed with my nutella and milk daily snacks,
but food aversions seemed to have come back too. So this will be interesting.
Ice cream is still on my good list tho, ha!
Brownie, Caramel Ice cream!

Symptoms: Headaches! Lower pressure, my walk ain't that cool. Look out for waddling mama!
Best Moment so far: Husband feeling the 5am strong kicks!

Some new items:
My mom bought all these clothes and blankies for baby K!

I have a lot of laundry coming my way ha! The basket is full and ready for washing.

**Mom Question: I'll be using Ivory snow to wash the clothes... Do you put fabric softener?, and also do you put their clothes in the dryer? With or without a bounce sheet....?

Have a great weekend! and Happy Civic Long weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The baby is kicking so much!

So the last couple weeks I was still feeling only light taps from baby K, nothing too strong... But that all changed yesterday morning at 5am! The baby was kicking hard enough to #1 wake me up at 5am and #2 have the husband feel it too! That was a first! I think Zoe liked it too. ha! Yesterday she came at sat right on my belly and the baby was kicking around. Poor Zoe is in for a surprise when baby K arrives haha!

Tomorrow I'll be 26 weeks and I'm approaching my third trimester. I noticed that my appetite is much more demanding but I also find that the food aversions symptom is back. Some things just taste so weird to me. Nevertheless I still find the foods that I love and gobble them up.

My favorite day time snack ha!
Last nights dinner, spicy chicken, rice and potatoes!
One of the delicious lunches I made this week. I had 2 plates of this! Whole grain pasta :)

Tomorrow I'll blog about my 26 week update and I'll step on the scary scale... hmm or maybe not we'll see ha!