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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Oh hi Fall

Burr ok it's pretty chilly today. 

Last Saturday the first full day of fall we were at the beach!

It was a super hot weekend and pretty much hot right up until Thursday. 

We had s swim date too with cousin E

Baby M is obsessed with little E, he even sang a song about her tonight until he fell asleep! 

The first month of school has been great. Little K is growing and learning and he even got his first project. We read every night before bed and baby M loves it too. 

Little K also joined Karate. Which he is loving! 

Tonight the Mr and I had s date night. The kids stayed at my moms. They love their nonna. They were soo excited to go to her house. They ran straight into her house and waved bye to us and had a great evening. 

We had a delicious dinner, with live music. 

Mr M and I have a list of new restaurants we want to try. So much more date nights to come. Yum yum!!

Saturday Mr K got a haircut. He was nervous about his friends at school not recognizing him, haha we had to reassure him that they will recognize him and his haircut was perfect :) 

We then went to the amusement park, although we went an hour before close. But it was enough time for the kids to have tons of fun. 

October is jammed packed! Lots of family events this month, looking forward to lots of fun! 

Have a great week friends! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dinosaur haircut

Little K would always refuse to get a haircut. I would just trim the sides as he took a bath, that's all he would let me do. 

His curls are adorable but they were getting out of hand! Haha

Yesterday evening after work we went to Abuelita's Salon to get a haircut! 

At first he refused to sit in the chair. We tried bribery with chocolate too haha. 
Nope, he didn't budge. We had our jackets on and ready to leave... Then Abuelo walked in! Little K was distracted with excitement! Grandma took the scissors back out and started snipping away! We made a game out of it too, to keep him entertained haha. Kris would blow the hair out of my husnands hand.

I love his new haircut!!! How cute is he! He kept saying he looked like a dinosaur with the Mohawk look haha! 

Happy Hump Day!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little ones first haircut at the salon

My mother inlaw is a hairdresser and little K had his first haircut! My little guy's hair grew in pretty slow! But it's been getting out of control these days so it was time for a haircut! 

When we first got him to sit he refused and just yelled NO NO when we touched his hair. We thought we wouldn't be able to cut his hair today! He was just not having it! 

But the second time around we had the help of the iPad and blueberries ha! He ate and pretended to feed the bunny his blueberries and that kept him occupied! 

Mil had to work fast! 

I'm sooo happy he sat through it!! 

He looks sooo cute with his new haircut!!! 

Before and after