Friday, October 24, 2014

Dinosaur haircut

Little K would always refuse to get a haircut. I would just trim the sides as he took a bath, that's all he would let me do. 

His curls are adorable but they were getting out of hand! Haha

Yesterday evening after work we went to Abuelita's Salon to get a haircut! 

At first he refused to sit in the chair. We tried bribery with chocolate too haha. 
Nope, he didn't budge. We had our jackets on and ready to leave... Then Abuelo walked in! Little K was distracted with excitement! Grandma took the scissors back out and started snipping away! We made a game out of it too, to keep him entertained haha. Kris would blow the hair out of my husnands hand.

I love his new haircut!!! How cute is he! He kept saying he looked like a dinosaur with the Mohawk look haha! 

Happy Hump Day!!!

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