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Friday, March 08, 2013

Some new toys

I finally got a new phone, I've been wanting the iPhone 5 for a little while now. I'm excited to have better and clearer pics and more space on my phone! I pretty much blog with the blogger app 95% of the time so this is great for me. Now if I can just come out of my blogging block that I've had lately then I will be good to go ha!

This morning we did a little shopping. Every time I go out I come back with something for baby K, whether it be clothes or toys or treats, something!

Today I bought a little BBQ set, Lol Elmo and a bucket set for the sand. I'm getting ready for Spring haha.

I have my eye on many backyard toys for baby K, and I'm excited to set up a little playground. So I will be on the hunt for some deals!