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Monday, February 10, 2014

Where have I been...

It's been hard finding time to blog. Our new routine is now just our routine, but some things like watching TV and blogging have been put on the back burner. In the end, these things take time. Time I don't have much of.  When I'm trying to fit in so much in my day after 5pm, not having these 2 things part of it actually has me with that little bit of quiet time at the end of the day. But I love my blog and love blogging our life. So I will try and make more time for it! ;) there are many milestones I don't want to miss! 

There are some new things in our lives that are taking up our time. Things like potty training! 
Little k understands what his potty is for. We sit him on it every night before bath time. We still have a long way to go :) but in baby steps we are doing well! 

...Things like family time and date nights! Take up our time :) 

And the biggest thing taking up our time right now is a new home! We decided to buy a new home to be built in November! So we have been doing a lot of running around choosing all the things that we want in this new home. 

With this also comes decluttering and staging of our current home to sell. I'll blog about that one day too! Ha! 

My goal is to blog at least once a week! Starting now! 

Happy Monday! 

Friday, March 08, 2013

Some new toys

I finally got a new phone, I've been wanting the iPhone 5 for a little while now. I'm excited to have better and clearer pics and more space on my phone! I pretty much blog with the blogger app 95% of the time so this is great for me. Now if I can just come out of my blogging block that I've had lately then I will be good to go ha!

This morning we did a little shopping. Every time I go out I come back with something for baby K, whether it be clothes or toys or treats, something!

Today I bought a little BBQ set, Lol Elmo and a bucket set for the sand. I'm getting ready for Spring haha.

I have my eye on many backyard toys for baby K, and I'm excited to set up a little playground. So I will be on the hunt for some deals!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just one of those days...

So I’m having one of those days, where the glass is half empty. Yesterday I was so tired and so cranky and today is not that much better. Today is a grump post, so feel free to skip it :p

My mood… Is Blahh! That is how I feel inside and out! Could it be that I’m cutting so many calories and my body is mad that it’s hungry. HUH light bulb just went off here, it could be because I am a little hungry and therefore irritable. Well either way I was on a downer and my head was going to explode with the whole woulda/shoulda/coulda still wanna do type stuff. Really this could drive a person crazy. I have that overwhelming feeling of boredom again and it seems it is only during the week, the repetitive day in and day out, Blahh! Everything in me is going against it.

Today as I tweeted my grumpiness I started thinking of things I enjoy... and I know I love blogging!

So I decided today to make things a little more fun. I love blogging and I love reading my blogger friends blogs so I decided I will start doing giveaways. I never did them before so I will peek at other blogs to see how it’s done. I'm excited for a giveaway!

So keep up with my blog posts one of them will have a giveaway very soon :)

**Diet update - 1pm and only 600 calories left for my day. Ugh oh.

Monday, December 14, 2009

How to keep cilantro fresh

I love buying cilantro but every time I store it in the fridge it gets bad pretty fast. So I googled my issue and I found that if you cut the stems and put them in water in the fridge it will stay fresh longer. So my experiment is on! Sunday was day 1 and today they still look great, I will be keeping my eye on them, well that is before they get eaten up haha.

Tonight for dinner I had baked chicken wings with sweet potato fries and spinach salad! Yum!
And for dessert I had a chocolate pudding ;)

Oh and how can I forget to mention I have 70 followers! I'm sooo excited! Welcome new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog ;) I love reading all your blogs too!

My husband just told me that I should aim for 100 followers by the new year... hmmm...not sure how I could get 30 more followers in that little time, I'm so grateful already for all my current followers.... So we will leave that at that for now.

This week I have a busy busy week so not sure how much blogging I will fit in ;( I need to finish up my Christmas shopping and have many Christmas parties to attend to tooo. (what to wear will be making me crazy)

Yesterday my husband put up the stocking

And it was not long before Zoe decided she did not like them hung.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shhh Good news!

(Zoe looks at me like I'm crazy when she knows not to sit on the counter!)

Shhh, I have semi-good news!! I'm 98% sure that I got the job! AND I will start MONDAY! EEEE Paper work has not been signed yet so that's why it's not 100% yet. So keeping it on the down for a bit. However I spoke to them over the phone and Monday will be my start date. I'm excited and nervous and shocked and sooo many emotions. I really really do not want to think too far into to it. I know for sure that things will change and It will be different since I've been home calling my own shots for 1 year and 1 month ;). I am looking forward to the new schedule and to see how that works out. I will be blogging and working on my online company in the evenings instead of during the day. Organization will be key to my successful days ;)

So last night I was way to jittery to make dinner (Ha! I have any excuse) So husband took me for Sushi! Yum!

They gave us edamame on the house! :)

Best news for last! I'm up to 50 followers! How exciting is that!!!! Thank you for reading my blog! I love reading yours tooo!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day Update

Tuesday's afternoon walk plus a walk through the mall in the evening added up to 10514 steps on the pedometer! One of my weekly goals includes 2, 10000 steps so I have 1 more to go. The reason I have only 2, is because steps are done by walking only, the other days I jog, I do not wear the pedometer.

So far my mid week goals are going pretty well. I'm cooking at home, I'm working out, drinking lots of water and green tea. So I'm excited to see some results already!!!

As for my job hunt, it is going just ok. I have an interview with an agency on Friday and a potential interview next week with a company. Looking for a job is one of the most stressful areas in my life, I guess it is because I have a love hate relationship with working. I hate the 9-5 no offense, but I can remember how much I dreaded going into work everyday in my past. Yet the bills need to get paid and shopping needs to be done :) So the getting paid part is the good thing ahah! Ahhh just trying to help myself go into everything with ease this time around. Vaca is in 11 days and boy am I looking forward to laying on the beach with a good book!.

What are your love hate comments of working the 9-5?

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog today :) I found more blogger friends online today and I'm looking forward to reading all your fun interesting blogs!