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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sick days

My little one has had a fever the last couple days and has not been feeling himself. The fever has passed thank goodness and he's slowly feeling himself again. We stayed in the last couple days only playing in the backyard for a bit. We also made some Mother's Day art too!
Baby k loves paying with his new swing and slide set ;) and loves picking all the dandelions to bring to me to smell ha! Sweet boy. The weather is so nice and the flowers are blooming. I'm hoping my little one feels all better soon. It breaks my heart when he is feeling sick.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fast like cars or trikes

Ha! It really cracks me up how fast baby K makes a run for it every chance he gets. Yesterday he ran through toys r us, stoping only a second to touch a toy or two. Running is the name of the game. But... we bought him a Trike... I'm not sure if he is going to like it since we can't hold him down these days but it turns into a tricycle for next year so it's ok. I put it together tonight. So when he wakes up tomorrow morning it'll be ready to ride!

Baby K's new favorite toys are cars. He loves rolling them all through the house.

This morning we went to a Early years play group (a free service that is offered in our area) baby K had a great time. It's really close to my sisters house so we dropped by for lunch! Baby E is growing so fast too! She'll be 1 month next week! She's adorable!!!!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Some new toys

I finally got a new phone, I've been wanting the iPhone 5 for a little while now. I'm excited to have better and clearer pics and more space on my phone! I pretty much blog with the blogger app 95% of the time so this is great for me. Now if I can just come out of my blogging block that I've had lately then I will be good to go ha!

This morning we did a little shopping. Every time I go out I come back with something for baby K, whether it be clothes or toys or treats, something!

Today I bought a little BBQ set, Lol Elmo and a bucket set for the sand. I'm getting ready for Spring haha.

I have my eye on many backyard toys for baby K, and I'm excited to set up a little playground. So I will be on the hunt for some deals!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extra space for baby

Baby K is just all over the place these days so yesterday we moved the ottoman out of the way for him to have more space and throw around his toys ha! I also got 2 storage ottomans for his toys.

I still love using the playpen especially when I need to cook. He still loves to play in it so I'll keep it around for a little while more.

In 4 days my little boy will be 1 ! 1 !!!!!!

Today was a beautiful day and we had to stop by city hall for a bit this afternoon. It's a beautiful warm fall day which so we took advantage staying out this afternoon before nap time!