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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vacation is over, now it's time to lose those pounds!

I had a fun carefree week on vacation, no counting calories no exercise (although, we did walk and swim a lot!) and no worries. The good news is I did not gain a pound, not one! whoohoo for that!

It's time to get back on track! I still have not met my 10 lbs weight loss goal :( I have a new schedule that is going pretty good but no pounds are being shed! So hopefully with no interruption my next couple weeks I will see some results!

Here are my goals for the week :)

* Tea and 1 slice of toast for BF.
* Only 1 small coffee a day if needed
* Salads for lunch everyday! :) (spinach and romaine with cottage cheese and chickpeas)
* Fruits and nuts for daily snacks (Melons, strawberries, almonds and walnuts)
* 5 days a week of home cooking, include many "green" veggies.
* Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app" 1300-1500 Cals a day
* 3 bite rule on sweets
* 3 days a week basement work out: Ab Lounge and Gazelle 1 hour work outs
* No fast food! (no burgers, no fries, no pop!) :) Kicking this habit right on!

Timr to lose some pounds!!

Update on my ovarian cyst. My doctor called today and said my last ultrasound was all ok. I'm going in tomorrow to get the details on that. But All OK sounds GOOD TO ME!!! :)

Hope you are all having a great week!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Lemon Crisp Pie, ugh oh!

Lemon Crisp Pie! = TORTURE! This delicious pie is in my fridge and taunting meee! I told the husband to make it disappear, but not to throw it away because that's such a waste! aahah! So he said he will eat a HUGE piece so there is less left ahahah!

Husband was off work today and sent me this pic of him working in the backyard.

I was so jealous being indoors all day at work, I love being home especially when the weather is sooooo nice!!

Tonight was a beautiful night so we ate dinner outdoors :). I wasn't feeling so good after work, I had really bad backaches. BUT I took some advil and all was good. Even got my work out in tonight :)

Pork chops with Veggie chili for dinner :)

Jamaica Trip is getting close!

Here are my bikini goals for the week :)

* Tea and 1 slice of toast for BF.
* Only 1 small coffee a day if needed
* 5 days a week of home cooking, include many "green" veggies.
* Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app" 1300-1500 Cals a day
* 3 bite rule on sweets
* 3 days a week basement work out: Ab Lounge and Gazelle 1 hour work outs
* No fast food! (no burgers, no fries, no pop!) :) Kicking this habit right on!

Health update: Tomorrow I'm going for an ultrasound to check up on my Ovarian Cyst. I really hope it's gone!! fingers crossed! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feeling Lighter

This week I have been doing really well with drinking my Nuplus shakes in the morning. I drink it for Breakfast then at 10am I have 1 slice of multi grain toast and at 12pm I have my lunch. I am actually finding it easier to eat smaller meals during the day, rather than larger meals.

One day this week I had veggies and multi grain crackers for lunch. I really liked it. So I will do this more times next week :) I buy the frozen veggie packages and they taste great. I'll buy them this weekend and post more about it then.

I have not lost any pounds but my clothes fit better and I feel lighter too. Works for me! :)

This is just a random picture but I bought this laptop thingy (not sure what it's called) But it's great for working on your laptop on your lap. I got it at Ikea for $5 very useful and I recommend it :)

Happy Friday!! I am really looking forward to the weekend. Me, My sister and Brother and our better half's are doing an extreme makeover on my moms dining room and living room. I love redecorating and I just know she is going to love what we do with it. I will take before and after pics! (I just hope my back pain goes away by then, I'm in lots of pain today :( no fun!)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gazelle work out

This morning I went for my B12 shot and my funny doctor said "Do ppl say, wow that girl has energy" hahh! I said NOPE! she said "OK then it's not working yet". ahahah She makes me laugh. Just as she was asking me I was thinking in my head how what a horrible schedule I have. I get to bed late, wake up late, arrive everywhere late. Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep at 6pm when I got home from work! Now that's not a girl with energy. NOPE!

So part of my new exercise goals I'm mixing the Shred DVD and my Gazelle workouts. I like changing it up. That way when I don't feel like doing one, I'll do the other.
Tonight there are some shows on Tv that I like. Modern Family and Cougar town. hilarious! My TV snack was carrots and dip :) (well the dip part is not too good, but good thing I didn't like it to much so left a lot :)

On the way home from work tonight we stopped by Winners and Homesense. I only walked out with a button shirt and also this piece of art. I love word art. Especially when it was only $10.00 :)

Today my lower back was hurting alot. I'm glad it doesn't hurt everyday but it's been hurting about twice a week. When will this cyst bursttttt already! I can't take it anymoreee!.... that's my little bit of drama, I'll just leave it at that.

I'm hoping to get to bed sorta early tonight. :) Good night!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

OUCH - I'm Ok...

Just a quick update on my results. I went to the doctor this morning to get my first B12 shot. I hate needles, well who really likes em haha! She told me to relax, was talking to me saying I obviously do not eat enough meat etc etc then BAM a stab in arm ouch! I read that it should give energy, however I feel like crap today along with a big headache! I'm misinformed ahah!
I also got my results for my ultrasound and I was debating posting it on my blog, thinking maybe it's TMI but I decided I think it's ok, plus I have amazing blogger friends that always give me helpful and kind sweet comments and always make me feel better :)
Ok, so results in and I have a large cyst in my left ovary, this is what is causing my lower back pain. (not muscle pain) I was going to cry when she told me, but she told me it is VERY common and re-assured me I can still have my 12 babies as planned, her humor not mine ha! But she did say it will burst on it's own and that will cause some pain but will pass. EEK not looking forward to that! I left sorta shocked and now have a million questions for her for the next time I see her.
This week has not been good so far in terms of diet and exercise, but now that I know my results I can just address them when I need to and move on. Tomorrow I will get back on track and continue my workout with the 30 day shred and continue my 1300-1600 calorie intake. Time to take charge of my health! And not let these "issues" get in my way! :)

Take this B12...Or not

Huge piece of B12 Ha! Tonight we went out for a steak dinner...wish we has Sushi instead because after eating most of that huge steak above, my head feels cloudy! and I have the biggest headache. I know it could easily be the salt and not so much the meat, either way. Whats up with that!

I read up on B12 Deficiency and really can't think of reasons why I'm that low. I really don't want to think to far into it and make myself crazy. So I will do as the doctor says. I'm going tomorrow morning for my first B12 shot and to discuss this new issue grr! (sorta really scared of needles AHHH)

Before our big dinner we went to pick up our new car. Car #2! for the past 4 1/2 years since husband and I moved in together we were always ok with 1 car, then again we use to live in the city where a cab to downtown was less than 20 bucks, and ttc was at our doorstep, with the subway 3 mins down the street....
Ahhhhh freedom! ahaha. We both can be free to go out when we want without worrying about the other being trapped in suburbia! ahaha. Happy day!

Psst... 98 Followers! 2 more to 100! Now this is exciting stuff! Thanks for following :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

A Day of NEWS

ahaah had to show the meat pic... Well today I spent it worrying about my ultra sound and (peeing all that water I had to drink for it! 13 times in total aahah) 4pm I see my doctor's number on my cell phone. My heart drops and I was thinking it was about the ultrasound. Close, last week I went for blood work and it just so happens I'm very low in B12 and now I have to go in weekly for B12 shots! :( I have no clue what this means, I need to do my research and I'm going in Wednesday to talk to her and get my first shot. My cousin told me not to worry and that my cousin who is a vegetarian is always low in B12. I do eat meat, but I know I do not eat enough. I will be looking up the foods I should be eating, if you know more on this topic, please let me know!! :)

Ahem, this is the same doctor that told me to stop taking multi vitamins years ago. BOO shoulda taken them!!

Not liking these surprises!!

BUT there was 1 good surprise today tho, (altho, I already knew 2 months ago) My brother and his wife decided to announce to the family today that they are pregnant! I'm soooo excited to be an aunt!!!! Today was also my dads birthday, he would have been 54 today :( he passed away in 2002, and we miss him soooooo much. He would have been sooo happy to be a grandfather :( But I know he is always with us everyday in spirit and I am ok with that too :)

Me and my dad 1981 ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a Day!

First stop this morning was at my Doctor's Office,. I have a very old doctor, she delivered me and my 33 year old brother and has been our doctor our whole life. She is witty and wise and very very honest.

"There's fat on your belly, you shouldn't eat to much, eat a little and eat no carbs and eat more fish" >> That is what she told me in my check up. I told her not to worry I'm working on it :) I did not tell her that I'm struggling with a sugar addictions and carbs make me happy ahhah! She also told me to add in more back exercises to strengthen my back. So I will do that :) I do have a lot of back pain on my lower left side so she is sending me for a ultra sound next week to make sure we are all good in there. Minus the scary google searches I have read about why my back hurts, I think it's all good and trust that I just need to strengthen it.

Good thing Doctor does not read my blog...

Toasted Ham and Cheese... mm couldn't resist.

Then I had to go downtown to fight that speeding ticket I got in June. It was nothing too major it was 16 over and I was going to plea NOT GUILTY, but then the officer was there and I was wayyy too nervous so I went with what they suggested and I did plea guilty with a lesser fine. NEVER will I speed again!! Lesson LEARNED!
Happy Hump Day!!