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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cravings and Nesting during my pregnancy

Yesterday I was craving my grandma's Milk Rice. So I decided to make it! And while I was making it, I ran out of milk haha! No worries, I stopped the process, and ran out to get more!.  It tasted exactly them same!

During my whole pregnancy I craved a lot of my childhood foods... Nutella, Milano cookies, My grandmothers cooking... and much more. Mmmmm I'm now hungry hahaha! Did you have cravings like these, from your childhood?

Like I mentioned before, my nesting stage has completely taken over... I get overwhelming joy at looking at organized closets, I open them a couple times a day just to look.. haha crazy person
Am I the only one that paces the house looking in drawers and closets to organize?

52 more days ....