Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cravings and Nesting during my pregnancy

Yesterday I was craving my grandma's Milk Rice. So I decided to make it! And while I was making it, I ran out of milk haha! No worries, I stopped the process, and ran out to get more!.  It tasted exactly them same!

During my whole pregnancy I craved a lot of my childhood foods... Nutella, Milano cookies, My grandmothers cooking... and much more. Mmmmm I'm now hungry hahaha! Did you have cravings like these, from your childhood?

Like I mentioned before, my nesting stage has completely taken over... I get overwhelming joy at looking at organized closets, I open them a couple times a day just to look.. haha crazy person
Am I the only one that paces the house looking in drawers and closets to organize?

52 more days ....



  1. the milk rice looks yummy!!! tell me how to make it!

  2. wanna come over and organize my closets, they really need it! ;) well at least you'll have everything all ready for the baby. love the pillow!