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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cravings and Nesting during my pregnancy

Yesterday I was craving my grandma's Milk Rice. So I decided to make it! And while I was making it, I ran out of milk haha! No worries, I stopped the process, and ran out to get more!.  It tasted exactly them same!

During my whole pregnancy I craved a lot of my childhood foods... Nutella, Milano cookies, My grandmothers cooking... and much more. Mmmmm I'm now hungry hahaha! Did you have cravings like these, from your childhood?

Like I mentioned before, my nesting stage has completely taken over... I get overwhelming joy at looking at organized closets, I open them a couple times a day just to look.. haha crazy person
Am I the only one that paces the house looking in drawers and closets to organize?

52 more days ....

Monday, May 09, 2011

14 week update...

14 weeks 2 days

This week!
How Far Along: 14 weeks 3 days! Belly is much bigger than last week!
Size of baby: Naval Orange
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 7 lbs (gaining a pound a week so far!)
Maternity Clothes: Love Mat pants.They are heaven! Ha!
Gender: ??? Hope I can find out at the 16 week ultrasound, but may be too early. 
Movement: Flutters!
Sleep: better than last week, but still I toss and turn oh so much! and Zoe has been meowing at 6am these days. She will get hers when the baby is crying during the days when she is napping. haha!
Cravings: Last week I craved garlic rapini. 
Last week I also ate salad all week then by Friday I was so over them haha! Strawberries are my fruit of choice. But I still  have more food aversions than cravings. 
Symptoms: Headaches! Everyyydayyyy! Allll dayyyy! Gooo Away!!!
Strange changes: Belly button is stretching ha! and I'm already getting stretch marks on my breasts!
Some new items: My BIL and his GF bought me these books.  So far  I started reading the Infant Stimuli and I really love it!
 Yesterday  I also went shopping.  I bought some summer skirts and tops and these flip flops

 (Please let me know if you are not seeing my pics, I made some changes to Picasa and worried that my pics won't show!)

Hope you all had a great Mothers Day.  We spent it with family. It was a beautiful day.  And look how cute my niece was dressed for her Mom. .