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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Soo much has changed since my last blog post! 

We moved! Our fourth home together. The move itself went pretty smooth, um we kind of have experience now ha! We decorated and did some minor renos and enjoying the summer. The move was perfect for where our family is at this moment.

Blogging doesn’t come easy anymore. Life is so busy with the kids and I find it hard to just sit and write like I use to! Instagram has my daily posts of life. So with that being said, I think this blog will only get a few entries a year! If you don’t follow me on social media, be sure to contact me and I’ll let you know where to follow!

Yes that’s a boat! Up north living means we are close to many lakes! So now our summers got a lot mote interesting! 

Our summer has been so much fun so far and still 3 weeks left! It’s also birthday month so we celebrate many of our birthdays! Saturday We spent the day at Niagara Falls for my birthday weekend fun. Yesterday we celebrated my moms 60th birthday at the Keg Mansion. Lots of yummy food and fun with the fam. 

Baby M is turning 3 this week!!!

This little cutie is so active, sooo sweet, sooo cuddly, strong willed, funny, super cute, the list goes on! 

Baby M is 26lbs of fun! He has the best laugh and it always melts my heart when he laughs with big bro. 

He loves music and loves to dance. Current obsession with Michael Jackson and drake. 

He loves the water and can’t wait to learn to swim. 

He’s my little helper and always wants to be in the middle of everything. 

He talks in full sentences and is always asking questions! He also has an English accent which cracks us up! Ha! 

His favorite movie is Benji and he has watched it about 20x 

Baby M and Mr K are best friends and they tell each other  this many times a day! 

We love you baby M!!!! 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I just realized that I never blogged pt 2 of the cruise! Oh boy. This year started off busy and still is! (All good busy so I’m not complaining one bit) So a lot has happened since my Mother’s Day post! But first!
Happy Father’s Day to my amazing husband!!

We love you soomuch! And yess Go Brazil!!
Today we began the day with breakfast as Denny’s! And without even telling each other, my sister and her family were doing the same thing! The kids loved having breakfast together. They are like little adults. Ordering their own meals. They had chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and Oreo milkshake! Yum! Baby M loved the sausages. And baby A loved the hash browns!

So much fun!!!
Remember I blogged that we are moving. Well that happens this week!

We spent the whole weekend packing!
We are all so excited! But also sad to be leaving the beautiful neighborhood. Saying goodbye to our school and daycare will be so tough too! :( we made amazing memories here and now to the next home to make more <3

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moving day!

We are all moved out from our home! Our home will now be the home for the new owners. A family of 3 just like ours. I know they will love this home as we did! 

One thing I'll miss the most from this home is the view! 

Every season this view is beautiful! 

The move took us a week because we needed to put all our furniture in storage as our new home isn't finished yet! 

I was sooo impressed with little K. Amoungst the chaos of the moving weekend he was soooo good! Helping when he could or keeping himself entertained as we were busy moving things in and out. He was so patient with the constant traveling as we moved from point A to point B C D lol haha. 

As long as he had his toys he was one happy boy. Here's his newest dinosaur that wanted his pic taken. 
Haha! I love how straight little k was holding it to have his picture taken. Total cuteness! 

As each room was emptied, little k would walk through saying WHOA all gone, sofa all gone, shirts all gone, crib gone. Again, sooo impressed that he was really understanding that we were moving. 

Last night we went to pick up a few last things and took a final walkthrough. I was fine through the whole move until I walked around the empty home. Bhaaaa then I bursted into tears. We had so many great memories here with family and friends. Many great parties bringing our families closer together. Our new home will do the same! I'm excited for our future! 

Here are our goodbye pics. 

And the last thing to take from our home, and as little K says, "thank you Jesus" 

New beginnings for this little family... :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Messy days

Ha, when little k comes through the door he sees the house in chaos and yells out, "OMG soooooo messy" ha! How funny is that! 

We are explaining to him that we are moving and we are saying bye to our house. He sort of understands it and also knows and has confidence that wherever mommy and daddy are, is home. 

He is being such a good little helper. 

The husnand and I are sooo sore from packing and moving boxes and furniture. 

This is what my house looked like on the weekend.


Car full of boxes moving on the weekend.  Little k was loving the adventure. 

I'm looking forward to some organization in the upcoming weeks ;)

Thanksgiving is coming up and we have soo much to be thankful for. 

"Give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." [1.Th 5:18].

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Busy days!

Life is so busy these days! But all fun! Which is never a bad thing! 

My husband went to Havava, Cuba for 5 days for his brothers stag! 5 days without my husnand was tough! Little k and I missed him soooo much!!! 

Here are some of his pics I took off his phone! Ha!

While he was away I kept busy with little k. Starting off with cross border shopping with my mom and aunt. 

I bought little k a lot of fall clothes! Bought myself a new purse :) see below. And 2 pairs of boots (fall fashion post to come) DSW at Walden Galleria is my favorite shoe store! I also bought a super cute sweater dress at Saks fifth avenue. 

We also had my future sister inlaws bridal shower. 

Little k was soo good the whole week with me. He is growing up way too fast. When I told him I missed dada he would comfort me, asking me what's wrong and Said don't cry mama. Awwww cutest!!! Love my boy! 

His new thing is asking for a brother and sister ha! He asks to hold his brother. Totally melts my heart!!!!!!!

Yesterday we joined a soccer class. Now that fall is here there will be less outdoor play and this boy needs to run! 

We were soo impressed with how he listened and followed instructions he did exactly what he was told. (When we first got there he fell and was a little upset about it, but when he saw the other kids playing and his dada ready to play with him too he was all in it) we couldn't stop talking about how proud we were! 

I've been meaning to blog more often but with the move and all these events it's hard finding the time!  But I will try to post at least once a week! It's my little journal too of our lives and on little k's milestones. 

Speaking of moving... My house is being turned upside down! 

Weekend is almost here!!! Have a good one friends! 

Isaiah 40:31: but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.