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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday ups and downs.

Finally Friday (well soon enough)! And Finally our long awaited trip is here! I think Zoe has been sensing we are leaving, maybe the smell of the luggage's remind her of the previous trips. She is all over me wanting to be pet and cuddled, making it even more heartbreaking. I really hope she is ok in the pet hotel and really hope she behaves so they love her and give her lots of attention! I hope I hope!!!! Zoe will be taking some things with her on her stress-cation haahha. Some items to remind her of home. One of her flower toys that she carries up and down the stairs all the time and a new scarf that she started playing with. I wonder if I should add a piece of my clothing too... Ok sounds creepy i know, I won't do that. Husband already thinks I'm cat crazy. Not just any cat crazy tho, just for my Zoe :)

Job stuff: So today's interview went well! BUT I did forget to ask some very important questions, like ummm.... Salary? However, from the description of the job at the interview, I'm not sure it would be a good fit for me at all...not that I got the job yet anyway so no point worrying about that! I am feeling more and more confident as each interview goes by, i'll be a pro in no time! :) Practice does make perfect!

Exercise: I went for my jog today and it felt great! Until I noticed the painful blisters on the back of my feet! nice huh just before my trip. Hope they heal quick! :( It seems that lately I've been so fragile and I am not liking this... Last weekend I had an allergic reaction to something that swelled my lips and caused canker sores in my mouth, then I had an little rash on my ring finger that prevented me from wearing my wedding rings all week, now my blisters, and not to mention my tummy aches and headaches from interview stress....GRR to stress!!

I can not believe how stress effects our bodies so much! Could all these symptoms be some sort of reaction to stress? Does stress give you any crazy symptoms?

Have a great (stress free) weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pet Hotel

To add to my stress list, Zoe needs to be sent to the Kitty Hotel for a week while we are away, next week. I just dread it! I know they will take care of her and she will be safe. But the thought of her in a cage for hours at a time just breaks my heart! It's hard to ask family and friends to watch her, especially since she is one of those kitties that is waiting for any chance to break away and run her fastest out the door lol.

I'm bringing her to a different pet hotel since the last one did not give me a good vibe and the lady was mad that I did not trim her nails which led to Zoe stabbing her real good in the thumb. haha, ok not funny, I bet it hurt a lot, I guess I too would be mad. However, cats get stressed we know that... and Zoe is my furbaby and Hellooo look at me always stressed. I really hope Zoe doesn't think I left her forever :(