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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today was Canada Day! So we went out and enjoyed it!
Just 15 minutes from our house in the township of King we found a nature trail! It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent about 2 hours here this morning :)

At one point we got lost and used our google maps haha! We were ok and found our way.
The trail is really meant for Bikes I think... There were many cyclist on the trails, we had to jump out of the way a couple times.

Just down the street from the trail is Pine Orchard apple farm. After our long and tiring hike we went there to grab a bite. It is soo nice here. I absolutely love the peace and tranquility of being North of the city.

And I couldn't be at a apple farm without eating a apple something, so I had a apple turnover :)... I really need to get back on track soon!
Apples are growing! It's soo pretty here. If you live in Toronto, you definitely need to check out Pine orchard farms. It's about 40 mins from Toronto. They have apple picking too beginning the end of August. You'll see meee there for sure!

Tonight we planned to go for a walk to get a closer view of the fireworks, but after a long day we both were pretty much pooped! So we brought out some chairs, drinks and popcorn and watched the fireworks from our porch :)

Hope all my fellow Canadians had a great day off!

Back to work for me tomorrow :(