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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday we had the day off for Canada Day!! 

Our new neighborhood had a festival so we spent the afternoon walking around. 

Little k wanted to ride his bike and insists on wearing his dino helmet. Safety first! 

We had cotton candy and popcorn and watched a magic show! 

Haha of course he got so much attention from everyone around because of the helmet haha! Many people stopped to talk to him ha! 

After a late lunch we went to buy fireworks! 

Everyone on Our street was outside! We all put our fireworks together and had a great show! 

Little k met so many new kids! And some kids that will be in his new school September which is great! 

I talked to all the moms and heard about all the different summer camps in the area. Which is great to know for the future! 

Summer camp for my little guy starts monday! 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Canada Day weekend!

Well Canada Day fell on a Tuesdsy this year, But I took Monday off too so it was a extra long weekend for mee. 

Last weekend we had the first swim of the summer! It was sooo hot and humid this weekend! 

We did our annual BBQ at my aunt and uncles house. 
(Pics on the left from this weekend/right from the last 2 years)

Oh how I wish I had a pool! 

It was another soccer weekend. We went to my brother inlaws place Saturday for all day soccer fun, and today we hosted a all day soccer BBQ. 

Monday my sister and I took the day off for a day out shopping! With no kids ha! 
We were out early for breakfast then hit the malls!

So happy for a short week and tomorrow is already Friday! 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Canada day long weekend

Happy Canada Day! 

We spent the weekend at a cottage up north! 

I was concerned a bit going with a toddler but it was fine! He had a blast. The cottage was spacious and I brought lots of toys and the iPad of course. He slept in the play pen just fine. I brought our video monitor too, perfect for us not having to keep checking in him. He was right on schedule with nap and bedtime which was awesome.  Another couple brought their 8 month old daughter too which was great. Especially in the morning when we were the only ones up at 8am with our kids. It was nice company. 

We had a fun Canada Day long weekend enjoying our beautiful country. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Canada day long weekend fun!

I wish the blogger app was a little more advanced, like being able to place pictures where I want them not just below all the text. Oh well!

This weekend was Canada day long weekend!!

It was also the Euro cup finale! Spain won! We were cheering for both teams but really wanted Italy to win! So we were also sad!

We had a fun weekend and the weather was beautiful.

This week it will be really hot and humid!!

We have a busy busy week planned as I have a lot to organize for baby K's baptism celebration this weekend!!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Canada Day Long Weekend!

 Friday was Canada Day! The weekend was beautiful here! Friday night we enjoyed watching the fireworks from our front porch it's perfect! We get such a good view from the Amusement park (Canada's Wonderland)

Saturday we had a friends wedding. We went to high school with these friends and they are one of the few couples we know (along with my husband and I) that have been together since high school! July 2nd was their 13 year anniversary! And their wedding day!

I bought this Mat dress at Thyme. It was very comfortable I'll need to get more Mat dresses throughout the summer, we have many occasions!

Picture with the Bride and Groom!
Congrats P & P!

Hope you all had a great Canada Day weekend!

Happy Independence Day my USA friends!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today was Canada Day! So we went out and enjoyed it!
Just 15 minutes from our house in the township of King we found a nature trail! It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent about 2 hours here this morning :)

At one point we got lost and used our google maps haha! We were ok and found our way.
The trail is really meant for Bikes I think... There were many cyclist on the trails, we had to jump out of the way a couple times.

Just down the street from the trail is Pine Orchard apple farm. After our long and tiring hike we went there to grab a bite. It is soo nice here. I absolutely love the peace and tranquility of being North of the city.

And I couldn't be at a apple farm without eating a apple something, so I had a apple turnover :)... I really need to get back on track soon!
Apples are growing! It's soo pretty here. If you live in Toronto, you definitely need to check out Pine orchard farms. It's about 40 mins from Toronto. They have apple picking too beginning the end of August. You'll see meee there for sure!

Tonight we planned to go for a walk to get a closer view of the fireworks, but after a long day we both were pretty much pooped! So we brought out some chairs, drinks and popcorn and watched the fireworks from our porch :)

Hope all my fellow Canadians had a great day off!

Back to work for me tomorrow :(