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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ear infection superbug! Huh?

Little K had been trying to fight this ear infection that keeps hanging around! He has had 4 rounds of antibiotics. This weekend his fever spiked to 104 and was staying between 100-102 with tylenol.

I emailed his doctor and spoke to telehealth. Both suggested I see the doc Monday. Yesterday we saw our doc. He said we would need to do 3 days of 2 antibiotic injections to zap this bacteria. We are praying this works!!!

I am so worried and have been a mess the last couple days.

We are going this afternoon for the second round of shots. Then tomorrow another 2. And hopefully the infection will be gone.

I've also been reading up a lot about natural remedies. We will make sure we are adding probiotics to our diets to get the good bacteria back in his system and mine too! Adding lots of foods with vitamin C, lots of garlic and lots of other healthy foods in our diets to boost immunity.

The past 2 months have been crazy here with the flus.

How are you getting through this flu season??