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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just a little this and that

What's going on this week? back to school colds, that's what! Little K came home with a cold and passed it on to babyM and mommy!

The other night was tough! I sent the Mr out at midnight to get some things to help with baby M's cold! 

The hydra sense is helping sooo much!! 

To be safe since M is only 1 month I took them both to the doctor yesterday. 

Oh yes , just me and 2 sick kiddies. 

Little K was great at first, pushing the stroller, pressing the elevator buttons, being a big boy getting weighed and temperature checked.... Then it was baby M's turn. Little K wasn't thrilled at the shift in attention. Sooo Mr 3 year old came out full force, making noise, climbing the walls, Pretending to run out of the office. Whaaa!!! I couldn't wait to get out of there. He was testing my patience that's forsure! Momlife!!! Insert tears here haha 
No doctor pics, you can imagine why, my hands were pretty full! Ha!

This past weekend we went to the amusement park, it will be closing for the season soon, so we need to make the most of our dino walks! 

Or strolls.

Fun walk and great exercise for us. Ha!

Especially after our Sunday lunch! 

Can you believe that this past weekend was my first time making lasagna! My mom makes the best lasagna! And even tho it was my first time, I followed her directions and added a little flare of my own and it was sooo delish! Yum!! 

Since I've been on maternity leave I've been cooking a lot more! But with 2 kids, it isn't easy! 

I'm trying out a lot of new slowcooker recipes as well. 2 kids need so much of my attention it's hard to take extra time in the kitchen! But I don't mind! As long as we have easy delicious meals planned we are all happy!! 

My baby boy will be 6 weeks this week. He's beginning to pay more attention, looking closely at us and beginning to coo! So adorable! 

I think little K can't wait for baby to notice him! 

Oh! And yesterday we went to try out for piano!! Little k is showing a lot of interest. 

He loved it but he's still a bit young to begin the lessons. So enrollment wot be until next summer. In the meantime, we will begin practice at home! 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Summer camp fun!

Well, 1 day of fun so far. I'll get to that later on!

Monday was the beginning of summer camp!!! 

We had some tears in the morning. Little k told me to go to summer camp and he would go to work haha! I would gladly trade. 

But! He had an awsome day! 

He saw some old friends and met some new friends. 

Summer camp is broken up into 4 fun weeks! 

This week it's learning about different traditions from all over the world.

Next week it's all sports fun! 

Week 3 will be little K's favorite!!! Dinosaur week!!!

And the end of summer camp will be all about water fun and ice cream! 

I can't wait to hear his stories!

Although this week we only had 1 day so far at summer camp :( 

Yesterday after I dropped little k off at school,  I got a call an hour later saying he wasn't feeling well. 
Those pictures were at drop off. An hour later was very different. 

I picked him up and took him home. However, it was also the Mr's minor eye surgery yesterday too!!! 

So we had a crazy hectic day! 

Dropping off my husband at the hospital while I attended to little k throwing up in the car. Good thing a cousin lived close to the hospital and she was happy to have us drop by even tho we were not at our best! We spent a couple hours there while we waited for daddy. 

Our drive home was tough too. 2 sickies in the back seat. 

Stomach bug is no fun! Little k was such a trooper. In the car he would ask for the bag when he had to throw up. 

We spent the evening resting. We were all sooo exhausted! 

This morning I didn't feel so good and stayed home with my boys. We had a much needed relaxed day in to recover. 

Back to business tomorrow! Ha!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ear infection superbug! Huh?

Little K had been trying to fight this ear infection that keeps hanging around! He has had 4 rounds of antibiotics. This weekend his fever spiked to 104 and was staying between 100-102 with tylenol.

I emailed his doctor and spoke to telehealth. Both suggested I see the doc Monday. Yesterday we saw our doc. He said we would need to do 3 days of 2 antibiotic injections to zap this bacteria. We are praying this works!!!

I am so worried and have been a mess the last couple days.

We are going this afternoon for the second round of shots. Then tomorrow another 2. And hopefully the infection will be gone.

I've also been reading up a lot about natural remedies. We will make sure we are adding probiotics to our diets to get the good bacteria back in his system and mine too! Adding lots of foods with vitamin C, lots of garlic and lots of other healthy foods in our diets to boost immunity.

The past 2 months have been crazy here with the flus.

How are you getting through this flu season??

Friday, December 07, 2012

Night in the ER with baby boy

Little man has been sick with a fever and cough all week!

Yesterday his temp went back up and his breathing was pretty heavy. His nose was flaring and he was breathing fast as he was struggling to breathe ;(

I called telehealth (lucky to have this here). Talked to a nurse and with telling them all the symptoms they told us to go to the ER. So we headed down to sick kids to get checked out. The nurses and doctors were awesome. They gave him a ventilator mask (not sure what it's called) and they monitored his breathing. They told us he is fighting a virus and the worst of it is day 3-5 which we are at.

Kristian was so good at the hospital watching them take his temp and listen to his chest.

We got home at 4am. All 3 of us were pooped!

Ugh! the hardest thing is seeing your little one sick and not being able to do anything but try and comfort them. There were a lot of parents with sick kids last night, some very serious ;( He is doing better today and I'm praying for all the little kiddies fighting an illness ;( my heart aches for the families.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Colds, Ear infection, hospital. My busy week!

This is my last week, well down to last Friday tomorrow of my maternity leave. It's back to work Monday! :(

This week has been soo busy!

My mom had day surgery yesterday and stayed over night. I brought her in and stayed with her for a bit yesterday then stayed with her all day today too. I have a cough that is driving me crazy! The hospital has big signs saying to not even enter if you are sick... hmm but it's a hospital weird ha! But I followed their rules and wore a mask... ummm I was the only one! And everyone looked at me funny. But the air in the hospital was sooo dry that it had me coughing soo much! Ugh!


I brought my mom some magazines and a warm scarf which she loved. Everything went well with her surgery and she is back home today.

I dropped her off about 4pm today then headed to get baby K at daycare.

We have all been fighting a cold here and this morning I thought that I better bring Kris to the doctor before I go back to work! So after I picked him up from daycare we went to the doctor. Kris was cranky and in no mood to be there. Neither was I! I was soo tired and hungry from running around all day! I told the doctor that he had been stuffy for about 9 days! He took a look and said that he has a ear infection. Because he was stuffy for so long and hasn't been able to blow it out, it infected his ear. He faxed the pharmacy the prescription and I went down to pick it up. It took about 10 minutes thank goodness no longer, carrying the baby, his jacket my purse and diaper bag I was completly exhausted. Then we rushed home for dinner, both of us were starving!

So glad I am home now in my pj's relaxing. What a day!

Daycare update: Kris did really well today, they even got him to drink 4oz of milk and 1 whole yogurt! He ate all his lunch and all his snacks as usual haha. His teachers always mention how he loves to eat haha. When I walked in today he was crawling around, I watched for a bit until he noticed me and he got so excited and cried until I picked him up.

Yesterday he got back his proofs from picture day. Look how cute!!!! He looks like such a big boy! How did they get him to pose so well hahaha :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick couple of weeks!

The past couple weeks it's been about fighting the flu here.

So we are making sure to get as many vitamins in us as we can!

Husband was really sick yesterday and is feeling a little better today. Having the flu is no fun!

Cooking at home this week is going well. I bought a lot of quick and easy type foods so I can still make dinner on those extras busy evenings. So far so good!

Dinner Tonight:
Baked Spicy Chicken Legs
Veggies and Salad.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Flu...Again! But still galavanted around the city ;)

So I got the flu.. AGAIN just had it two weeks ago and now its back worse than it was and so far longer... I had a busy weekend, my sister stayed over for the weekend cause the guys took a trip to Montreal, so no way I was going to let this flu ruin my weekend!.... I kept going this weekend with Tylenol cold and flu tabs every 4 hours, it helped me stay up and about but boyyyyyy am I feeling the drain right now ;(... I hope I didnt make things worse. A friend of mine told me to eat lots of Oranges, so I went and bought lots. I'll be eating two right now, then I'm just going to stay stuck on this couch the rest of the evening.

Overall the weekend was a success. My sister and I shopped lots. I got some amazing deals ;) Like I mentioned before I am not a shopaholic, I do love to shop but I'm one of those shoppers that go shop for "just what I need" type things... But this weekend we had it planned that we would just have fun and shop and buy whatever we liked (within our budget of course) ;)... So I set my mind to it and I did great. I bought some spring and summer clothing and 3 pairs of summer shoes and a pair of winter boots.... didn't neeeeed any of them, but sooo happy I have them, I am sure I will put it all to gooood use!.... I have to show you the great deals I got. Winners had a clearance sale and I got these boots for $9.00! I know! reg $70 and I got these cute black pumps for 3.00!!!!!!! Reg $50. Amazing HUH. I got these other shoes as well, regular prices but just had to get them for summer time ;).

I also bought this hair mask, i totally recommend. A couple years ago I had bleach Blonde hair, and when I dyed it to brown it basically all fried off, (thats another story, it was very devastating) LOL but I'm all good now, nice and natural ... but this Hair mask Protein RX is what really helped me get my healthy hair back, i used it for about 6 months at the time while growing my hair and it really helped. So I decided to buy it again just to use about every 2 weeks to keep my hair nice and strong. You can get this at Sephora, it's amazing.

We also did our weigh in for the $300 weightloss challenge, Starts today...I'll write about that tomorrow. ;)