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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Summer camp fun!

Well, 1 day of fun so far. I'll get to that later on!

Monday was the beginning of summer camp!!! 

We had some tears in the morning. Little k told me to go to summer camp and he would go to work haha! I would gladly trade. 

But! He had an awsome day! 

He saw some old friends and met some new friends. 

Summer camp is broken up into 4 fun weeks! 

This week it's learning about different traditions from all over the world.

Next week it's all sports fun! 

Week 3 will be little K's favorite!!! Dinosaur week!!!

And the end of summer camp will be all about water fun and ice cream! 

I can't wait to hear his stories!

Although this week we only had 1 day so far at summer camp :( 

Yesterday after I dropped little k off at school,  I got a call an hour later saying he wasn't feeling well. 
Those pictures were at drop off. An hour later was very different. 

I picked him up and took him home. However, it was also the Mr's minor eye surgery yesterday too!!! 

So we had a crazy hectic day! 

Dropping off my husband at the hospital while I attended to little k throwing up in the car. Good thing a cousin lived close to the hospital and she was happy to have us drop by even tho we were not at our best! We spent a couple hours there while we waited for daddy. 

Our drive home was tough too. 2 sickies in the back seat. 

Stomach bug is no fun! Little k was such a trooper. In the car he would ask for the bag when he had to throw up. 

We spent the evening resting. We were all sooo exhausted! 

This morning I didn't feel so good and stayed home with my boys. We had a much needed relaxed day in to recover. 

Back to business tomorrow! Ha!