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Sunday, July 14, 2013

While the husband was away...

Last week we received sad news that my husbands 94 year old grandfather passed away in Honduras. We had a nice family dinner last weekend to celebrate his life.  At the dinner my husband, 2 of his brothers and his dad decided to go back to Honduras to visit family during this tough time. So they booked a flight for Wednesday and he's been away for 5 days! 

5 days just me and baby k. 

The first day was good, I spent it with my sister shopping and playing. Then Thursday morning I woke up really dizzy. Dizzy and nauseous (not preggo) I couldn't even lift baby k out of the crib. I panicked a little, ok a lot. I never felt that before. I called my sister and mom and they rushed over. After speaking to telehealth they told me to get to the ER. So we did. My sister watched the kids (ha! She had her hands full, my cousin went over to help and my sister was able to put her little to nap and then put baby k to nap haha super mom!) 

After getting checked out, they said all seemed fine. But the nauseous feeling still lasted a couple days! I'll be seeing my family doctor tomorrow.

So glad for my family to help in a second when needed ;)

The rest of the days consisted of more shopping (sorry DH ha!) and lots of playing outdoors with Kristian. 

Yesterday was my brothers BBQ birthday party. It was nice, but with a toddler you can imagine I was pooped at the end of the night! 

Today is a beautiful day. Water fun and ice cream all day!